Ku Pohon A Home


  • Ya Rabb, ku pohon a place that I can call home from You. You've taken our hearts away from the apartment we had booked earlier on and I'm pretty sure you are going to give us something better, much better, the best for our condition as of now. 
Almira Josey's enjoying her potato crisps.

  • Months ago we found an apartment in Bukit Jelutong. Since I desperately needed the space, we agreed to purchase that particular unit. Unfortunately we were told that we could only move in sometime in July due to the changing title bla bla bla blah. 
  • So we paid about RM5000 to lock the price in early March. We waited until Syahmi contacted the agent in late July. The agent said that the problem has not been resolved. We were tired of waiting hence we decided to let the unit go. Alhamdulillah the agent gave us our money back. 

  • I am glad that we don't end up living in that apartment. I admit that I didn't think wisely when I decided to purchase that unit. I didn't love that place, the ambience etc. I agreed to purchase that unit just for the space and its reasonable price. 
  • We were not cross at all instead we felt better. Actually we were very relieved since we didn't have to think about the pending status and to answer tons of same questions from my parents.
  • Allah s.w.t. knows best. What is good for you might not be good for us!
  • Thank you Allah s.w.t. for helping us. 

Yes, Ayla Johan is using a small piece of brown paper with a sketch of  one of her dream homes on it as her mouse pad.  Ni case cari mouse pad kat kedai tapi semuanya mahal adoyh. I'm not paying RM20 for a piece of mouse pad! 

  • Now we are back to square one, hunting for a place that both of us can call home.

Allahumma yassir wa la tu'assir.


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