No macet here. My jovial but talkative mom with her conference members at a Museum.

  • Jakarta : Macet from 6-9am and 3-7pm. Therefore plan your journey wisely. Avoid the bad traffic by arriving in the hours unmentioned above. 
  • Macet = traffic jam (according to Malaysians)
  • ;)
Air Nyo without sugar und ice Rp10000 if I'm not mistaken. At Ancol by the beach with mama.

  • The power of God. 
  • We had the best Indonesian driver on our way to the airport. I heard he recited "Bismillah" as he entered the car. With Rp150000, we got to exchange thoughts and gain extra knowledge. Superb. 
  • Mr. Ray is a muslim Indonesian who is able to speak Arabic fluently. He has a number of children with beautiful names as he doesn't want his children to be mistaken as Christians. 
  • He shared a story with us:
His father was once a soldier who got sent to Tanah Melayu to fight. As he was about to raise his "pisau", he was shocked to see : "Rambut gaya sama, kulit warnanya sama, rupa juga sama". He immediately asked to be sent back to Jakarta.

  • His father felt awkward and he couldn't fight as we are truly serumpun.
  • According to Mr. Ray, the war was not about Indonesia trying to take over Malaysia but it was about system. Sukaerno had been working so hard to make Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei jadi serumpun but Malaysia refused to omit British system. 
  • Watch the video below to listen to his remarks and answers to my mom's question(s) about Jakarta and Malaysia saling hate each other.
  • He did mention "Sukaerno bodo gila" in the video but he was quoting what his father said due to the war. Mr. Ray is a good man. Please don't get him wrong alright =)
  • "Bikin sensasi", "tidak mengerti" , "harus waspada", "moga tidak terlena" etc.
  • Moga diambil mana yang baik. 
Guess what! Dr. Izzatul from Bandung came to visit me at Ancol! Thank you dearest. 

Kaseh, I miss you oh so much. 


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