My Number 1


  • Congratulations to all newly weds! Yabeedoo! 
  • 2011 is indeed a year when many of my friends plus a couple of relatives decided to be married. 
  • Thank you for the invitations but unfortunately I couldn't attend to a few wed receptions due to me flying here and there. 

  • The feeling of being someone's wife or husband is something one finds it very difficult to explain. Beyond words I suppose. 
  • Well, that was what had happened to me. Still does though.
  • But remember, we should not have anyone else as our number 1. 
  • Allah s.w.t. should always be the number 1 alright.
  • =)
  • As a wife, we should respect and love our husbands dearly but not to allow him be the "God" of your home. King boleh.
  • Same goes to the men. Do not let your wife to be one too. 
  • When one thinks he/she is superior, he/she tends to forget Allah s.w.t. and expect everyone to obey his/her commands.
Meine funny husband. One of his close buddy once came to me and asked "Syahmi garang ke at home (i.e. with me)." The answer is No =) Mana boleh, the wife strict dah hence the husband has to be cool.
  • My husband is the type who does not allow me to iron his clothes, be it on weekdays or weekends. He also does not encourage me to cook and wash clothes on weekends. He will be the one sorting dirty clothes. My job is to do what ever I wish. 
  • But that does not make me a lazy bum. =) Am I?
  • My husband once told me that "It is not the wife's job to cook, to clean, to etc. Semua tu kerja suami. If suami tak mampu buat maka harus dicari orang (pembantu) untuk selesaikannya."
  • As a wife, my responsibility towards my husband is not as much as his to me. I believe that my husband won't be able to cope with house chores after returning home from work. 
  • I do not expect my husband to wash clothes at 9pm after dinner on weekdays! Tang mana nak kering baju-baju ku oit~ Hence I volunteered to help him with that. 
  • InshaAllah bila dah ada rumah sendiri and dah mampu, my husband might settle for a part-time helper to help me with tasks mentioned above. No babe? =)

Please make Doa/Dua' for Syahmi and I moga dimurahkan rezeki mendapat cahaya mata yang soleh. Thank you. (With my dearest sahabat, Miss Hidayah Razak and Amir Josey) 

  • Remember, Allah s.w.t. is testing us with beautiful, loving, kindhearted etc. spouses and kids.
  • Do not blame God if you end up having arguments and plates flying here and there. Things happen for a reason.
  • Everything has been written in the Luh Mahfuz. 
Terjemahan Ar Rahman : 70. Bukankah Engkau telah mengetahui bahawasanya Allah mengetahui Segala Yang ada di langit dan di bumi? Sesungguhnya Yang demikian itu ada tertulis di Dalam Kitab (Lauh Mahfuz); Sesungguhnya hal itu amatlah mudah bagi Allah.

Babe, you owe me a lot. 
Bahahahah =D
Therefore I ask you to pray for me, so that I have a home in Jannah. 


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