• Ayla : Levi's ni tiada jeans for wide leg but tak baggy ke? Saya tidak berkenan lah ketat-ketat ni.
  • Sales lady : Oh..tiada lah. Ya la kan tidak sesuai ketat-ketat tapi semua Levi's ladies ikut shape.
  • Ayla : Ya kan. Ok tak apa. Thank you :)
  • Sales lady : Sama-sama :) 
On the same day, same occasion, with the same sales lady:
  • Bapak : Kenapa ketat-ketat tu? (Referring to Azeem's). Nowadays budak memang suka macam tu ya.
  • Sales lady : Fashion.
  • Bapak : Azeem punya sama macam awak punya kan.
  • Sales lady : Eh tak lah. ;)

Captured by Henky, our private tour guide in Egypt. For those of you yang nak visit Egypt and need an affordable private tour guide, boleh contact I. InshaAllah I akan cuba bantu =) 

  • What a day for her. I hope she didn't get us wrong. Indeed she was wearing a pair of skinny jeans. She is too slim to be wearing a non-skinny jeans I guess. 
  • Yes, I have been experiencing difficulties in getting a pair of jeans in Malaysia since I was 15 year-old. The cutting and the size, pergh! How am I suppose to fit in them! 
  • So I always ended up buying 2-3 pairs of jeans or pants every time bapak brought us to Australia (before I went to England). The same thing happened when I was in UK, I sort of "borong" jeans from Dorothy Perkins since they have jeans engineered for wide leg but non-baggy. 
  • DP wide leg jeans are not pricey (well it depends on currency exchange too). A pair would cost me about £30 to £35. The wide leg seldom goes on sale. But the wide leg jeans are always more expensive than the skinny ones. I never wonder why and I refuse to do so. One of the reasons why teenagers settled for skinny jeans may be due to the low price. No?

Went outing with mama during summer in Manchester. 
  • Sometimes I do wonder, what will happen to me if I own a pair of beautiful legs? 
  • Would I end up wearing skinny jeans or even a thigh length dress? 
  • Well, I don't have to wait for my legs to turn into Kiera Knightley's to wear such clothing. Who says a muslim lady cannot wear mini dresses, short skirts, sleeveless tops etc.??? 
  • Haa.... you can wear for your husband one you know! (ok tiba-tiba jadi Cina =p)
  • Who says that you have to settle for baju Kelawor once you are married? I am not a big fan of Kaftan and I have never worn one in my entire life :D 
  • So ladies, those of you who have been drooling for "sexy" dresses, do not fret. Go out, purchase and wear it for your husband. No one says that you should wear track suits with t-shirt at home! Put on something sexy, groom yourself and greet your husband from work with a soft feminine smile :)
  • And secretly share with me on the aftermath. Bahahahaha. (ok sebok lah)
With darling husband in Malaga, Espanyola.
    • Well, there are times that I let my husband choose ANYTHING that he would like to see me wearing.
    • And he loves doing it too! :-)
    • Oh but when your husband fails to come up with one selection, it means that . . . you should know better =D
    • Have a blissful marriage life everyone!

    * The photos above: Ayla Johan in a few of her DP wide leg jeans.
    You can find a small collection of DP wide leg jeans at Dorothy Perkins in Pavillion, K.L.
    They do not have it anymore in Subang Parade. 
    What a pitty. 
    If you still can't find one, let me know. InshaAllah I can help you source it direct from UK.


    1. Hahaha...nice one Ayla! Lama dah tak lepak sini.

      Anyway; kaftan, kain batik-tshirt-tracksuit are none of my husband favourites. And something that's not my 'thing' at all, is to wear kain batik and tshirt after delivery everywhere(selepas bersalin & dalam pantang). Pakailah molek-molek selalu. Yang selesa tak bermaksud tak cantik kan?

      My grandmother is one classy lady, eventhough with very minimum level of formal education; will always dress and smell as nice as possible, especially at home. Whenever she wears her batik/sarong, it will always be with a matching top kurung kedah. Classic!

      Yet some of us-the younger generation, all stylish and fashionable outside, simply settle for the least when we're inside (home). Ok, orang bujang suka hatilah; tapi wanita-wanita berkahwin - pandai-pandailah. Suami pun jangan lokek belikan isteri yang terindah di dalam rumah. Nanti asyik melawa kat luar, awak juga yang resah gelisah :D

      Selamat malam :)

    2. kannnn...
      But ada lelaki yang memang nak wife dia nampak sexy bila keluar in public kan kak Nurin. Well, I don't question why pun. Hehe.

      Oh yes. Husband pun jangan lokek. Jimat punya pasal, sanggup wife pakai baju dari darjah 6 while dia cuci m ata tengok ladies lain cantik2.



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