Raya Oh Raya


  • I always heard that the Kelantanese(s) celebrate Raya Haji cow cow punya. 
  • Well, I seldom go back to Kelantan since 1997, the year when my paternal grandparents passed away. 
  • We always celebrate Raya Haji relax relax. Not like how we celebrate Raya AidilFitri.
  • The past years, paling-paling we went to pray at the mosque and then see lembu-lembu kena sembelih di padang then balik rumah eat-eat.
  • So how do you celebrate your Raya Haji?
  • But this year, I'm back to the old times. Raya without a husband. Nah, I'm not complaining. Just that I forgot what it is like to wake up without shouting "Raya!" at him =) 

  • I just watched a video of my husband's friend simple nikah ceremony. Alhamdulillah. It reminds me on how my husband held my hand for the first time after the ijab kabul. He held mine so tightly and refused to let go.
  • We've known each other for about 4 years before we got married but we never did agree to hold hands or to do anything "funny". So when we finally got the chance, we did embrace the moment.
  • I looked into his eyes the second he grabbed my hand and I could see how serious he was in carrying out his huge responsibilities.  
  • After 2 years and 3 months of living together (minus 1 month since he's now in a far far away land) he still loves to hold my hands even when he is asleep. 
  • MasyaAllah. 
  • That's the least he could do to show how grateful he is to be married to me. 
  • The rest, I better not reveal in here =D 

Yes, that's me. See! I told you that I am not serious all the time.
Babe do you remember this? We ended up in white despite the non-white plans we had.
Weheheee =D

  • My husband and I came from two different worlds. We behave differently and most of the time, we have different approach in solving problems. 
  • Sometimes we would end up in small arguments but most of the time, we managed to come up with wise decisions.
  • I'm always the strict and meticulous one while he is the sort of laid-back and chill chill type of husband. But he is not slow yeah. 
  • Our physical features differ too. He owns a pair of sepet eyes while mine are besau. He has rose petal shaped nostrils while mine are daun. He has huge fingers while mine are kenonet. He is slim while I'm . . . . =D hehe. Dan lain-lain.
  • But benda yang berbeza buat kita lagi rapat. As of now, we complete each other. 

  • Even though he is not always as romantic as Richard Gere in movies, he did express his feelings in sweet words.
  • I may not be the most romantic wife too. But I do love him even though he has those jalapeno and habanero peppers in him.
  • So to you readers yang sudah ada wife, please do not take your wife for granted. Sepatutnya dah kahwin ni you lebih kasih and sayang. Selebih lebihnya berbanding time before kahwin dulu. 
  • Hasilnya lebih bagus jika kita care for each other and lebih elok jika selalu selitkan romantic elements or surprises. 
  • Appreciate each other while you're still alive even though ada gaduh sana sini sedikit. Learn from your arguments and small fights. Always make sure that diri serta pasangan senantiasa berubah ke arah positive. 
  • And always end your day with "ich liebe dich . . ."

Selamat Raya AidilAdha to all muslims.


  1. I guess those who find it difficult to reminisce, they need to always witness nikah ceremony to remind them on how sweet theirs were.

    I did that and it worked Leen!

    Have a beautiful Aidil Adha celebration in Salisbury dearest :)

  2. salam aidiladha. best baca cite ju. syahmi keje jauh ke skang. be strong kay. sometimes that's the time when we realize we appreciate the 'other half of us' when they are away. u both still the romantic n sweet couple i know. May Allah bless u all the way.

    akak dh lama nk express mende ni. i always adore how u write/tell the story in english so good, too good indeed. wish that i can learn/have the ability of yours. teringin sgt nk ckp/tulis in english mcm ju. bile2 nnti ajar ek ;)

  3. SubhanAllah...
    Thank you very much for your prayer and advice. Yes, Syahmi is in Brazil at the moment. He has been there for a month and a couple of months to go. InshaAllah we will be alright.

    I don't write that well. Neither in English nor Malay. It all started with "hentam" here and there Kak Intan =D
    Of course I can share with you!
    Kak Intan, you don't stop blogging ok =)

    I miss you and the kids! I really do . . .


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