We Definitely Have All Rights To Live Wherever We Want


  • Have you ever heard negative comments made by others when a person you know migrates to other country? 
  • Most of our people would say, example : "Alah, tak sedar diri. Konon nak jadi orang putih. Hebat sangatlah duduk negara orang putih tu. Tapi diri kau makan tempoyak jugakkkk. Nak kutuk-kutuk Malaysia padahal diri sendiri orang Banting tulen."
The Marjans without Mr. Alif. Semua ni kalau communicate in English, tak nak kalah. But they still know Malay language. Tambah-tambah lagi ada sorang dua tu sedang memperkukuhkan waris Jawa dari darah our late grandfather, Mr. Marjan. So now you know how did they come up with their band name. 

  • Blergh. 
  • I see them (those who made such comments) as shallow homo sapiens. 
  • But why?
  • I have always believed that Allah s.w.t. created this world for all of us. The Malaysians are not only to experience life in Malaysia or to be so proud of Malaysia. I believe that we have the rights to choose in which land we would like to settle down. 
  • Making negative remarks about Malaysia is the same thing as making negative comments about Indonesia oder India oder Syria. 
  • There is not even a single country that is perfect. Other countries are having political problems too. Well, self-centered und arrogant people are literally everywhere! 
  • If one finds Malaysia to be full of negative influences, he has the right to live somewhere else. He might find living in Mont Blanc is more peaceful than in Mont Kiara. 
Some of the people who have influenced us in the languages that we use.  

  • Allah s.w.t. never did ask us to talk highly about our country und race. But we have been brainwashed to think and speak like our race is the ultimate race on earth. 
  • It disappoints me to find that none of my Chinese und Indian friends oder acquaintances can speak good Malay language. Well, should I be? They have all rights to choose which language they want to use. No?
  • Therefore I shouldn't be upset if the Subway lady in the Summit doesn't know Malay language. Yeah?
  • The reason why I have my entries in English is because I know that some of my readers do not understand Malay language. Well, this is definitely a personal blog. It's not literally a 2-way communication kind of thing. 
The adults who are responsible upon the languages Almira Josey and Amir Josey are using.  Hehe. Yes, my adorable niece speaks fluent Malay und understands English und Bahasa Indonesia at the same time. Superb! Eh eh lawa lah Kak Watie =)

  • If you live in German, I'm sure you will do anything to master German language. You might even force your children to speak in German and couldn't even bother to teach them Malay language.
  • Same thing if you live in Japan (Japanese language) and France (French language) etc. 
  • Well, I still think it is quite awesome if you still know how to communicate in your mother tongue even though you are miles away from your hometown. No?
While this funny Amir Josey still speaks in his baby language : "Hah hah hah hah".

  • One thing that you should not do is to appear "stupid" and pretending that you do not know what is karipap sardine whereas it was your favorite food since you were 8.
  • Calo!
Whatever it is, I reckon that all of us to master all languages and experience living abroad. I know that not all of us have the chance to do so but to those who are fortunate, please grab any chance that you can to explore and learn about others in other parts of the world. 

At the end of the day, we get NOTHING by talking bad about others. 
And no matter where we are, lets not forget Allah s.w.t.


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