• Having a Master degree in Engineering does not make me an engineer. At some point I do regret taking engineering since I don't have the heart for it. 
  • When I come to think again, I should have studied modern language oder interior design oder anything that I feel like doing right now.
  • To make this story short, I did engineering because that was the only best option for me to live in the country I used to grow up in, which is England. 

  • Even though I didn't like what I studied, I managed to score with quite flying colors. 
  • Bahaa!
  • Are you facing the same scenario as I am?
I have stopped doing things I love since I arrived from England such as composing songs with my feet. Bahaa. As of now, I have decided to resume composing, painting, learning mod language etc. Not forgetting attending Al-Quran lessons. Oh my, kena ada motivator nih. 

  • A number of friends and acquaintances who took engineering, ended up doing things unrelated to engineering. 
  • I guess we were not being exposed to other backgrounds und options when we were young. 
  • Well if I managed to survive with engineering due to the fact that I only want to live in England, I have a great feeling that I will always manage and do fine.
  • InshaAllah.
  • ;-)
  • To those of you yang risau lebih, do not worry. We are in the same boat. Be positive. Cuma jangan give up alright. 

Dey, orang jual burger pun boleh berjaya ok. Jangan nak kutuk-kutuk. Haktuih.


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