You Always Come Second


  • Husband told me that he will head straight to his parents home when he arrives from Sao. 
  • Of course as a wife, I am surprised.
  • No matter what I do for him, I always come second.

    • The only time I'll be someone's priority is when I have my own child. 
    • No?
    • Oh Allah when will that be . . .


    1. Must wait for Brazilian baby :p

    2. In my dream. He's coming home soon.
      And I know who you are Mr. Anonymous =)

    3. "No matter what I do for him, I always come second."

      Yeah :(

      But, the good thing IS; after every bitter bite of that sentence - we're always first to Him. Never second. Never last.

      And hopefully we'll never be the reason He becomes second na'uzubillah to our him.

      Do remember this my dearest; Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakeel...

      Bitter. Hard. Feels like impossible at times. Tapi ALlah mengira; tiap usaha dalam tiap kesukaran yang engkau lalui demi meraih redhaNya.

      Salam sayang :)

    4. Thank you Kak Nurin. I will definitely remember what you said.
      Everytime I think about Allah, it makes me cry.

      Memang cinta Allah terhadap kita tiada tanding. Hopefully kita semua dapat pengakhiran yang baik dengan effort kita walaupun sekecil-kecil zarah.


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