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Husband forced me to listen to Hybrid Theory.
  • Oh it is quite difficult for me to always be good. 
  • I really need a mentor right now. 
  • Where should I start?
  • Basically, I taught myself to learn from experience and other people. 
  • Be it from the behaved ones to the rascals. It took me years to accept the fact that nobody is perfect. I used to ask questions like "Why did she do that?!" oder "Why did he do this?!" etc. 
This is the famous Ancol in Jakarta. Rp15000 per entry. They have everything there. From plain beach with cable car to roller coaster und water slides. There is a huge hotel in that vicinity named Mercure Convention Centre Hotel and it is only 10-15 minutes from the boring Manga Dua Mall. Well, it depends on the traffic. Jakarta is well known for its macet (bad traffic).

    • I was sent to a boarding school when I was 15. While in there, I did some awful things but I still managed to smile :-)
    • Alright a confession:  

      Once, I did create a false signature on my friend's outing card as the warden in charge was not in and we were desperately needed to catch a bus to visit our classmate in a hospital. Weeks later, that particular friend of mine felt bad hence she reported to another warden. Since she was being Islamic, I respected her decision. So both of us were called to meet a few other wardens and the HEP. My punishments were: I had to report to the school guard every 5 hours (if I'm not mistaken) and to be caned once (but this never did happen and I still wonder why).
      But why the hassle?
      I was the vice president of school disciplinary board kot!
      Peace y'all =D

      • Sikit pun I tak menyesal. I have no regrets at all for doing it.
      • Well, I don't see that as lalai negligence in carrying out my duty. I just hated the fact that the warden should be in his office at that particular minute but he was not. So if I were to wait for him, we would have missed the bus. Our school was right in the middle of "nowhere". There were no frequent buses or cabs. Now you tell me what will you do if you were in my shoes.
      • At some point during the punishment period, I went to see my Islamic Studies tutor, telling her that I do not wish to continue being an LDP (24 hours prefect). She convinced me that no one else was eligible for that particular post. So I stayed until SPM (like O Level. Even worse.) was over. 
      • This is one of the events that I never did question on someone's action. I didn't question on why my friend decided to report about my action. I knew her and how Islamic she is. It is wrong for me to confront and yell at her for telling.
      • As of now, I manage to reduce the number of unnecessary questions in my head. I believe that Allah s.w.t. is always with me and never fails to protect me from negative influence.

      This was our room. I don't know what type of room this is. You need to google for it yourself. I'm just plain lazy to do so =)

      • There you go. I've always been this way. I won't admit defeat, not until I try. If I know that I'm in the right track, then I will just do it.
      • Allah s.w.t. cipta kita berbeda-beda. Ada yang pandai bercakap, ada yang gagah etc. Kita punya ability berbeda. Jadi kalau I boleh break the rules and go against someone who is superior than me, you might not have the ability and courage to do so.
      • Therefore hidup ni saling bergantung. I need you and you need me. Honestly, I do not have green hands. Hence I need someone who can help me to grow my plants. I am also bad in writing thesis or report hence Malaysia needs people who is not like me.
      • Am I making sense?
      You are one of the reasons why I have all the courage to fight. Thank you for always be my quarrel partner mama =D hehe

      •  Take this chance to know yourself. Recognize your own ability and just be you as long as it is not against Syarak. 
      • If you are good at entertaining others, you might want to pursue a career as the head of rombongan umrah oder haji.
      • Do not force yourself to be a painter.
      • =)
       My cinta, oh yes I still miss you.


      1. kak ju,
        masih terngiang2 "lights offf!!!"

        btw,people make mistakes.but each mistake somehow memorable.klo seme lancar je_takde kenangan best :)

        sama je kita.i was BWP time form 4.tapi slalu je langgar disiplin sbnarnya.huhu.contoh paling slalu buat,nyorok dlm locker tanak pergi prep! :P

      2. Haaaa....I had to dearest if not our wardens will come to my room. One of the warden did come and said "Why are they not sleeping yet?" You should know by now who she was.
        How was I suppose to know?! You guys tak ngantuk so tak kan Kak Ju nak tekap muka you guys kat bantal right?!

        Oh I didn't know that you were a BWP. Hope you didn't break the rules because I taught you so =p

        I never did love prep. Therefore I do understand =)

      3. Finally.

        There's something about boarding schools - some inhuman rules and routines that couldn't even make sense now (at this age when we're supposed to be cleverer and more mature than when we were students).

        Sometimes, I just think we did certain things our heart feels right about most.

        And funny enough that some people's happiness is about being in control of others. Second chance, empathy and compassion are lost words from the dictionary.

        Hish...nampak sgt I dont really like boarding school. :D

      4. I'm not sure whether they still have the same old rules nowadays.
        There are also plus points living in a boarding school =)

        I had many friends with various backgrounds. Some were less fortunate while some had difficult families to deal with. Somehow I did learn from them, if not a lot but a bit =D It was different from what I had in Subang. Most of my friends in Subang were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

        I wonder what will happen if we were to stay in a boarding school at this age, with husband and kids =D The rules must be "revamped".



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