Aku Beri Izin


And when a husband mentions about having a second wife, his first wife's kingdom and dreams shatter, soon break into pieces. 

Tudo Biem. Du bist hier. Yahoo! Uruguayan just arrived by boat. Took him months to arrive from God knows where.  =p

  • Allah Azzawajalla has allowed a Muslim man to marry not just one, but two, three or four. This is mentioned in the 3rd verse of Surah an-Nisa'. 
  • With that, some Muslim men tend to use the verse as an "excuse" of marrying another one. Without them knowing, if their first wives still have hatred towards the second wife, it means that the men ha ailed to educate their first wives.
  • To make long story short, the men are not ready to care for more than one wife. 
Animals pun ada polygamy? Muka tenang tidur problem free haiwan ni. Bagus. Yayang, what is this? I forgot what I sketched. he he.

  • And what most Muslim men forget is this (Surah an-Nisa' verse 129):
وَلَن تَسْتَطِيعُواْ أَن تَعْدِلُواْ بَيْنَ النِّسَاء وَلَوْ حَرَصْتُمْ فَلاَ تَمِيلُواْ آُلَّ الْمَيْلِ فَتَذَرُوهَ ا
آَالْمُعَلَّقَةِ وَإِن تُصْلِحُواْ وَتَتَّقُواْ فَإِنَّ اللّهَ آَانَ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا
Mafhumnya :
Dan kamu tidak akan dapat berlaku adil di antara isteri-isteri kamu sekalipun
kamu bersungguh-sungguh (hendak melakukannya). Oleh itu janganlah kamu
cenderung (berat sebelah kepada isteri yang kamu sayangi) sehingga kamu
biarkan isteri yang lain seperti tergantung (di awang-awangan). Jika kamu
memperbaiki (keadaan yang pincang itu), dan memelihara diri (daripada
perbuatan yang zalim), maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha

  • Tidak akan dapat berlaku adil di antara isteri-isteri kamu no matter how hard you try (regardless of the effort you make).
  • If your first wife does not feel at ease even though she allows you to marry another one, that is fitrah. You shouldn't scold her by saying she doesn't understand this and that. 
  • Aisyah (Rasulullah's wife) had a lil bit of jealousy in her too. I read about it in a book entitled Aisyah. 
  • Therefore you have to expect cold reaction und response from your BELOVED first wife. 
  • If you are SMART enough to marry two people instead of one, then you should be INTELLIGENT enough to mend their wounds. 
Es Campur with Nangka. Luscious banget nih!

  • Apakah lelaki yang sewenang-wenangnya menikahi perempuan lain tanpa persetujuan isteri tidak terfikir perasaan isterinya?
  • Cubalah bayangkan jikalau isteri kamu menikahi lelaki lain walaupun dia masih terikat dengan mu. Lets not talk about syariat. I would like you men to have the empathy, feel the emotions that your wives are going through.
  • Once you've done that, do you still want to talk about rewarding your first wives "Payung Emas"?
  • Allahuakbar. 

Menurut seksyen 23(3) AUKI 1984, permohonan suami hendaklah dikemukakan kepada
Mahkamah mengikut cara yang ditetapkan dan hendaklah disertai dengan suatu
akuan. Akuan tersebut hendaklah mengandungi alasan-alasan mengapa
perkahwinan poligami ini patut dan perlu, keadaan kewangan suami dengan
memberi butir-butir komitmennya dan kewajipan dan tanggungan kewangannya
yang patut ditentukan serta bilangan tanggungan termasuk orang yang akan
ditanggungnya berikutan dengan perkahwinan baru yang dicadangkan. Selain
dari itu pemohon juga kena menyatakan sama ada izin atau pandangan isteri
atau isteri-isteri telah diperolehi mengenai perkara tersebut.

  • Ya Rabb, I'm 100% sure that you are watching all of us. I pray for your guidance. Please protect und guard those (unfortunate) women who are married to men who do not understand polygamy in Islam.
  • I pray for your help. Help us wives who do not wish to "bermadu" even though we do know and understand the consequences. This does not mean that we are against polygamous marriage. 
Problem free. Yours truly with her one and only elder brother. How come we don't remember what happened to us at the age 3 years and below?

  • Polygamy is something worth chatting with your spouse. As wives, we do not have to encourage our husbands to marry more than one but it is nice to know their thoughts. 
  • Embrace your marriage life together while you still can. 
  • We do not know what lies ahead. 

Ya Habibi, I know that we seldom talk about polygamy und du nicht asked for it in a serious manner, aber I am sure du know whether or not I beri izin. 


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