Boxer Shorts On Boxing Day Anyone?


Boxing day is a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants.

  • And as for yours truly, it is a fantastich (fantastic in German) shopping day!
  • Additional discount normally starts on boxing day. Hence I always look forward for that day. 
  • During my stay in England, I had fabulous outings with darling husband and friends in shopping outlets und malls. I could easily get a pair of jeans ( of course in my phenomenal size ;p ) for only £15! Not forgetting Ted Baker products, as low as £10. 
  • One of my favorite outlet boutiques would be Burberry in Portsmouth und Bicester Village. Well, both of these outlets sell past seasons goods und discontinued merchandises. I'm not a trend setter oder not the lady who always keeps up with current fashion trends. 
  • I'm the type who wears what I love at anytime anywhere. =)
  • Therefore, it is not a big prob for me y'all.
Are those date trees? Look similar to mine in Good Game Farmer =D

  • Reminiscing on what we used to do back in England during Boxing Day, we decided to give our one and only premium outlet a visit on the past 26th Dec 2011. 
  • Of course the new Johor Premium Outlet. (Obviously it is in Johor. Ok fine. But whereabout? You take the exit 253. The outlet is just next to the North South Highway. Easy peasy eyh.)
  • So what did we get ourselves?
  • Chocolates. 
  • Yes just chocolates. Not even a RM10 boxer short oder a RM69.90 Charles and Keith purse oder a RM3000 Burberry handbag. (oder is or in German)
  • Initially, Syahmi wanted to purchase a pack of 1kg Reese's peanut buttercup for only RM80 (our all time favorite y'all. oh please do not tell me that it is non-halal after all these years . . . ) but instead, he ended up with 2  packets of miniature Snickers and Mars each. 
  • I guess it was due to his wife kept whispering calorie content to his ears. =D
  • Well darling, I did save you man. xx
You still have to queue to enter Burberry. I don't fancy queuing :(

  • The parking fee is RM3 per entry. 
  • Ample parking space aber I reckon that you go before 11am. Quite a long queue from the main gate to the parking spaces. 
  • If you are a shopaholic, I reckon that you bring at least RM4k to enjoy your day at JPO. Discounted Salvatore Ferragamo handbag is still pricey for me. The one that I like is RM3800 plus plus after discount. Initial price was RM6100 plus plus. 
  • There are other shops that sell items at super low prices such as Charles and Keith, La Senza, Body Shop, Vincci, Geox, etc. But I believe that most of you Malaysian ladies would want to enjoy shopping at Coach. Right?
  • I did not go into Coach boutique as the queue was insanely long for me. I personally don't fancy Coach. And I DO NOT wonder why most Malaysians women love Coach. 
  • Do you get a free coach ride if you purchase any Coach handbag?
  • =p
There you go Coach lovers. You don't have to queue to enter outlet boutiques in England. 

  • The best part is, we got to survey the price of past season Clarks shoes. Honestly, The Sale is selling cheaper than the Clarks outlet! No kidding man. 
  • For more info about JPO, please visit them at
  • Oh before I forget, Pre Order January 2012 is now open on The Sale. It ends on the 8th January 2012. Better hurry before we run out of stock in the UK!
Join The Sale Pre Order January 2012 before it ends! Click here.

  • Shopping di UK tak terasa sangat mahalnya sebab figuresnya kurang satu dari Malaysia.
  • =)
  • Have a great weekend y'all!
I would like to apologize to those of you who saw me at JPO oder Subang Parade. I didn't mean to just walked passed you, tak perasan ok. =) Next time jerit kuat-kuat alright. 


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