Hall Lee DEY!


  • Dey meenachee, where have you been?
  • Yours truly was away for almost a week! Her husband took her for a holiday in a state where the king owns a Bugatti. 
  • Mom was with us, too excited to show us around her hometown. 
  • It was a schön holiday. Thank you babe and ma.
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  • So, have you taken yours? Or are you still saving your cuti for the next year? Kan those yang kerja boleh top up cuti etc.
  • But you cannot carry forward all right? Therefore use the balance before the new year begins!

  • Since husband arrived home from Brasil (Brazil), we have been traveling here and there. Started of with Tawau, Kelantan then Johore. InshaAllah we will be leaving for Sarawak. Yeehaa!
  • And of course we have been stuffing ourselves with special delicacies. Genau! Aber ich bin traurig . . . und warum? ich habe Magenschmerzen.
  • But now getting better. alhamdulillah.
mein Mann trying to fly our kite. Sort of testing the wind before he let it to go higher. After years of not playing, we still managed to fly it higher than the rest! 
I told my husband, "If the kite is RM10, I will purchase it and we will play." So we went to the nyonya selling kites. She said the cheapest that could fly was RM12. Below RM12 is small and won't be able to fly in high speed wind. Confirm yours truly pandai nego. Kesian makcik tu RM12 pun dah murah but I still nak bragain. But I did get to purchase the kite at RM10! Lepas habis angkat kite I beli, the makcik said, "Tali nak yang mana? RM1? RM2? RM3?". Cikaloi . . . 
Yes. This is our kite. Otroman! I used to call my husband Otroman. I do not know why =D
  • Where did you shop during Boxing Day?
  • I will share you my experience in the next entry. 
  • InshaAllah =)
Almira performed Solat Maghrib yesterday. 
We shared the same sejadah (praying mat).
She stood right in front of me (about 20cm apart) while I was performing mine. 
When she rukuk, of course she gave me her bum bum! =)
I heard she recited "Allahuakbar."


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