He'll Manage


  • Syahmi : Ap ap where are you going?
  • Ayla : Into the kitchen, why?
  • Syahmi : I do not allow you to do anything that is related to food.
  • Ayla : I just want to drink water!
By now you guys might think that he is controlling me, putting me on a strict diet.
Zettttt! You're wrong. After exchanged words, we went upstairs to see a movie in bed. But before the movie started:

  • Syahmi : I disallow you to cook. If you are hungry, let me fix you something. Are you?
  • Ayla : No I'm not. 

3 days ago, before he left home for work I said:

  • Ayla : Babe, I'm not going to do any washing today.
  • Syahmi : That's good!
Lord Alan Sugar's apprentice. No? =) (Our home back in England).
Yesterday, he came home to meet his sleepy wife. Confirm moody sebab tak dibenarkan sleep. Before he left for a jog:
  • Syahmi : Babe, listen. Dengar ni.
  • Ayla : Uh? (ok dah listen pastu dengar pula kan. macam wife dia tak faham English . . .)
  • Syahmi : I think I want to get you a car. 
  • Ayla : What? Mahal lah. yada yada yada . . . 
This evening:
  • Ayla : Halo?
  • Syahmi : Hello.
  • Ayla : Guten tag.
  • Syahmi : Oit dah petang lah. 
  • Ayla : Oih. (guten tag tu kan good day. good day means afternoon. nasib baik husband sendiri...hehe).
  • Syahmi : Oih.
  • Ayla : Oih.
  • Syahmi : Oih.
  • Ayla : Oih.
  • Syahmi : Oih
  • Ayla : Alright I nak pray.

Thank you babe for being so understanding. I have always thought that you won't be able to manage without me and forever I will be your alarm system, warning you on what awaits us. But you have proven me wrong. Well at least I am still your minister of finance, the one who always wakes you up before you spend, spend, spend and spend.
Therefore please angkat all kain in the back yard, fold and arrange in the drawers. 
Oh, when are you going to lift the tea mug of yours off the floor?

  • Dear readers, spend some time to think about your spouse. I'm sure you'll find some hilarious moments you have had together. 
  • I did and I am still smiling. 
  • Alhamdulillah =)


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