• Yours truly just got back from i-City in Shah Alam with Syahmi. 
  • Sumpah bad traffic! Since it opens at 7pm daily, people tend to go after solat Maghrib. Hence from 8pm onwards, nightmare :(
  • The car park fee is RM10 per entry. So I reckon that you carpool. 
  • The rides are definitely not free of charge.
Tadaa. See. I told you. This was taken on Thursday night. Can you imagine how i-City parking spaces will look like on Saturday night? I leave that to your imagination. 

  • We just wanted to see and experience the "city" ourselves. Personally, I think it is kinda cool to have such place in Malaysia. 
  • It is definitely a place where you can snap-snap, pose and enjoy with your family.
  • There are rides suitable for kids age 3 and above. 
  • I didn't know that an event by BN is still ongoing at i-City, so we managed to visit a few stalls selling Malaysian products und food und beverages. (The event ends on 31st if I'm not mistaken).
  • And guess what, there was a stall selling 1Malaysia products! We went in and most of the prices on tags end with the number 9. 
  • A 500ml of drinking water is RM0.29 = RM0.30.
  • A can of sardines is RM2.99 = RM3.00
  • A pack of biscuits = RM2.*9
  • Allahuakbar. Not everything in that shop is cheaper than other supermarts! I know because I have been doing the groceries at Mydin y'all =) (agak-agak nak go out for a breakfast with me, ya silakan set date di Mydin. hehe.)
  • They claimed that those products are meant for low income earners but Mydin 1.5L drinking water is RM0.10 cheaper than 1M 1.5L drinking water. So how now brown cow? 
  • Of course lah Mydin nak products dia lagi laku!

Schon? Genau! 

mein Mann. Can you see the ride above his head? RM5 per person. 
Mr. Peacock. Klasse.
Battle of The Band. (behind) Co-current with Ceramah Ustaz and Ustazah. Isk.
The Kedai Rakyat I bebel atas =)
We only got this, a bottle of 1M drinking water. Thirsty yo. Syahmi said this right after having some of the water, "mmm..terasa darah BN." aduh...

  • I had fun strolling with husband at i-City. 
  • Hope you did something enjoyable with your spouse too!
  • Life is too short to live in anger. 
  • May our love lasts, for eternity. 
  • Amin. 

Haaaa. Will tell you where did I go during Boxing Day in the NEXT entry. InshaAllah. hehe. 
Guten nacht!


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