Hey Lemon,
you're indeed different
you're yellow not like me
you're small but not as small as a bee.

Hey Lemon,
you can be squeezed
you can be sliced
you can be grated for your zest.

Hey Lemon
you can heal wounds
can't you?


  1. Niceeeee....!

    We went to Kelantan in 2009 after our reception in Shah Alam, which was my first time visiting KB and we really enjoyed our trip.

    Then in 2010 we went again to celebrate our first anniversary hehe...

    We get to listen to the Kuliah pagi Jumaat, the first time we actually managed to listen to TG Nik Aziz himself! My husband went 'crazy' haha for finally getting the chance to meet 'the man'.

    Tahun ni takde rezeki nak ziarah Kelantan lagi, perhaps next year insya Allah =)


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