Love Stories


  • Like I said before, married life is not always bloom bloom. But that doesn't mean the married couple is in a bad state and will end up being single again. 
  • The key is to learn from others. Bukan jaga tepi kain orang, but observe and "collect" what they leave behind. 
  • Read and listen to their love stories =)
The person who raised my husband with love and care. It was not easy for me to adapt with husband's family at first. But alhamdulillah we are doing alright now. My husband did help me a lot in adapting and still does. I remember how awkward for me to live with husband's siblings who literally seldom speak to each other (when ever I'm around). Where did I put my awkward balloon? =D
  • A friend of mine, Izzatul, gave me a book about Aisyah (Rasulullah's wife) years ago. The contents are full with her interactions with her beloved husband. Not forgetting on how beautiful Rasulullah s.a.w. treated Aisyah. 
  • I even read about Siti Khadijah, Rasulullah's 1st wife. What she did for her husband and on how Rasulullah s.a.w. loved her dearly. 
  • Yes, I do learn from my readings and observations. 
Darling husband with his clan. Enjoying seafood in Semporna, Sabah. 

Rasulullah s.a.w. dan Aisyah sering makan bersama di satu meja makan, bahkan dengan menggunakan satu piring. Perhatikan penuturan Aisyah berikut, " Suatu hari, aku makan bersama Rasulullah s.a.w. Tiba-tiba Umar melintas. Beliau pun memanggilnya untuk makan bersama kami. Kadang-kadang tanganku menyentuh jari beliau."
(HR Bukhari, Nasa'i, Thabrani)

  • Back in England, Syahmi insisted that we eat from the same plate ie. a big plate. I disagreed at first since we had lots of standard sized plates! He then explained to me the positive points of doing so and that Rasulullah s.a.w. did the same thing. 
  • Yes, we ended up smiling und laughing most of the time since I always pushed my portion to his side of the plate and quickly washed my hand while leaving him behind.
  • Now you know why he gained so much weight.
  • =D 

Syahmi (in his favorite polo shirt. He has a lot of baju but yang wife dia beli juga selalu jadi pilihan.) with Syahid (his younger brother). Still in Semporna. This is the gateway to Sipadan Island. 

  • And my job is to always remind husband and myself that life is not about displaying luxurious cars und flashing billions of $$ on t.v. 
  • It is not wrong to make money as long as we do not put Allah s.w.t second. 
  • When our marriage is based on $$, setiap masa nak fikir $$, maka relationship kita akan goyang kerana masing-masing kurang beri tumpuan. Bila kurang beri tumpuan, mula mencari tumpuan dari pihak lain. 
  • Paling utama, ucapkan lah that you NEED your wife to complete your life. 
  • Most women have complex feelings. But with just ONE word, a husband can easily mend a small wound in the wife's heart. 
Cool tak wash basin ni?! From real shell ok.
" Jika manusia memiliki harta yang memenuhi dua lembah, maka ia akan mencari harta lain yang bisa memenuhi lembah ketiga. Mulut manusia hanya bisa disumpal dengan debu. Padahal harta itu hanya Allah berikan agar manusia melaksanakan shalat serta menunaikan zakat. Dan Allah akan mengampuni siapa pun yang bertaubat."
(HR Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidzi, Ahmad dan Darimi)

  • We always want more. It is about time that we start to channel Allah's money to the right place. 
  • We surely will be asked "What did we do with all harta that were lent to us?"
  • Like seriously, do we have the guts to tell Allah s.w.t. that we have spent ALL to buy handbags and shoes?

  • Lets together learn from others. Learn from others' love stories. Take the good ones and leave the bad ones behind. 
  • Sumpah tak rugi. 
  • So show Ayla Johan your beautiful side and she might learn stuffs from you too!
  • ;-)

To those who support any political party just for the sake of making $$ and not trying hard to put Allah s.w.t. and Islam as your upmost priority, please do not let me see you. 


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