• Pianist = a person who plays the piano professionally
  • Syahmi had shared with me a few videos of superb musicians last night. We spent some time to see solo artist embracing the music with his violin und orchestra. 
  • I'm sharing the video below with all of you therefore it is a must watch. 
  • Don't worry, not a even a lady's arm is in the video. 
  • And now I present you, Jarrod Radnich with his original arrangement of themes for "Pirates of The Caribbean". Enjoy. 

  • If you want to know whether a person plays the piano or not, look at his/her fingers. 
  • Kalau ketot tu, confirm dia main =)
  • Is it a valid theory?
  • Yours truly may be a bit tall physically but she does have short fingers and she plays.
  • Bah! =D


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