Rude vs. Kind


Enormous sweet jack fruits y'all! We got more than 20 ulas for RM8 (if I'm not mistaken) in Pahang. But I bought 2 ulas for RM2.50 in Subang Parade yesterday. Pergh. 

  • I started my day today by going to a Petronas petrol station to buy a newspaper. 
  • Husband dropped me off 2/3 of the way then I continued by foot.
  • I craved for "nasi lemak kerang pak cik f&g" for almost 2 days. That was why I decided to walk this morning.
  • But, instead of purchasing the nasi lemak I mentioned above, I bought "nasi lemak kerang orang muda sebelah pak cik f&g".
  • The difference is, pak cik punya kerang macam ala ala rendang but orang muda punya kerang sambal biasa.
  • I don't know why but Allah s.w.t. made me do so. 
  • When I arrived, the pak cik was unloading his nasi lemak from his car. I could have just waited for him but Allah made me walk to the stall next to his. When the young lad done packing my first nasi lemak, he said to me:
  • Nasi lemak guy : Biasanya saya tolong pak cik tu angkat barang dia.
  • Ayla : Oh sila lah tolong dulu.
  • Nasi lemak guy: Tak apa?
  • Ayla : Tak apa =)
  • He then went to help the pakcik before resumed packing my second pack of "nasi lemak kerang orang muda sebelak pak cik f&g".
  • SubhanAllah. It's not easy to see such warm attitude nowadays.
  • The incident got me thinking on my way home. No wonder Allah s.w.t. made me purchased his nasi lemak, sort of a reward for him since he had helped the pakcik. 
  • Allahuakbar.
I miss this. Do I have to pursue a phD in order to be able to live abroad again?

  • On my way home, I walked past a Sikh's house. There was a group of men reciting something out loud in the porch. The dogs in a house about 2 houses away from that particular Sikh's home barked like "crazy". Since I am not fond of dogs, I recited ayat Kursi and the dogs stopped barking instantly as I walked past them!
  • The same thing happened to the dog next to the Sikh's home, he was barking at the group of men but as I walked past it while reciting the same ayat, the dog lowered his volume. Hehe. 
  • I guess those dogs saw "creatures" that I am unable to see. 
  • Oh Allah s.w.t., please protect those dogs from someone's nonsense behavior. 
You know the series I mentioned months ago, Suria di Cordoba? Such a boring show. T_T The only Malay series yang I tengok. Nanti I nak buat show "Yours Truly Di Cordoba." Alamatnya crita tu about food aje lah. Hehe. Yes, Syahmi and I love to hunt and try local delicacies. After holiday aja gemuk. Now I'm back to watching The Apprentice Lord Alan Sugar. I always watched that back in England. Uish now dah Lord dah. Dulu Sir je.

  • When I reached home, an aunt waited outside my neighbor's gate. We exchanged Hi(s) and she showed interest in The Sale
  • Thank you for another chance. 
Siapa rude tu meh I karate. I was rude due to a rude lady. He he he. Padan muka lady tu. Ok fine, yours truly memang tak boleh tolerate orang yang rude. (Malaga, Spain)

allahumma yassir wala tu'assir


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