Take Away

  • Burger King lady: Would you like to have in or take away mam?
  • Ayla: Take away please. Thank you.
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  • Hallooo. Ok fine ada yang rindu I. Greatest apology for not updating the past few days. I was away  away   away     away      away       away . . . .
  • Syahmi's cousin nikah in Tawau. So we (yes including me without Syahmi ke?) did fly to Tawau and I got to witness the adat istiadat! 
  • Superb weyh. Not like what I had during my wedding y'all. 
  • The bride and groom had to literally sit for hours on the pelamin! They were not allowed to eat with the guests! he he he. 
  • So siapa yang akan nikah dengan orang dari Tawau nanti lepas ni? Boleh datang tanya I. haha.
  • =)

  • I will post photos in my next entry inshaAllah. As of now, who would like to join The Sale group?
  • Contact me if you:
  1. are Interested in finding extra pocket money the relaxing way (just by using a computer or any other communicating machines such as a mobile phone).
  2. Trust in the products available at/on The Sale.
  3. Think Juaini Johan is cool =D ha ha ha
  4. are Not hot-tempered. 
  5. Know facebook, twitter or any other social networks sites.

Lets together work for Allah s.w.t.


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