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  • Yours truly have been finding it hard to stay in her home office. Greatest apology to those who have sent request und orders to The Sale. InshaAllah I will get back to all of you by this evening.
  • Thank you for supporting The Sale
  • Yes, pre-order extends until 16th December 2011. 
USM Kubang Kerian Hospital. Yes, yours truly was born here =) Therefore sesuai benor lah ye I pakai Maserati Kubang. Ok berangan lagi ~

  • I was away for almost a week. Went to my birthplace with parents, husband and younger bro. That was the first time my husband got to experience the lifestyle of a Kelantanese. 
  • Yes we have been married for 2 years and 4 months (exactly as of tomorrow) but we never set foot in Kelantan not until last week. 
  • So who says a Kelantan lady is a queen control?
  • I'm sure you have heard that most moms do not prefer their children to be married to "orang Kelantan".
  • I bet in every state pun ada orang kurang betul so I reckon that you should stop stereotyping. 
  • If you do not believe me, ask my husband who is an orang Melaka. 
  • You ask him whether he prefers to live in Kelantan or Melaka?
  • You'll be surprised to hear his reply.
  • =)
Level 1 of Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah where most dry food und ingredients can be found.

  • You see, in pasar Siti Khadijah where most of the sales people are ladies, they sell almost the same stuffs. These people are not selling on behalf of a Chinese tycoon like in China und K.L. instead they own the respective shops und stalls. 
  • If you are selling for somebody, your income does not depend on your sales since you still get paid monthly.
  • But what has been going on in the Pasar Siti Khadijah is, it's your own business with 20 other people are selling the same thing under the same roof, next to each other.
  • So tell me, do you think they yell and shout for customers like what some irritating sales people do in China "shopping mall kesukaan orang Malaysia"?
  • Once I visited Beijing, ada sales lady tu siap tarik tangan I kuat suruh beli barang dia. Kalau bukan kerana Islam dan maruah, lama sudah I pukul dia. 
My aunt. Thank you for your warm hospitality and we did enjoy having you as our tour guide =) We now shall call you, Datin Tour Guide. He he he.

  • Syahmi went to a stall to purchase packets of fish crackers. While bargaining for the best price, the ladies (in other stalls selling the same fish crackers) next to that particular stall were starring at us.
  • Ayla : RM25 boleh doh ni.
  • Mak cik : Maaf deh. Meme tok leh doh. RM27 ja. (while smiling all the way)
  • Ok fine mak cik so we purchased the fish crackers for RM27. 
  • Boleh tak makcik lain diam je? What the rest could have done is to shout "Kepok nise RM25 ja. Muroh muroh muroh dijamin paling muroh dale Mesia!"
  • But they didn't do that instead, "Aku sudah berusaha buka kedai kecil ini, dan sekarang biar Allah mengaturkan pelanggan mana sesuai untuk siapa. Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir .
  • Just picture this, there are more than 20 shops if I'm not mistaken selling same stuffs. But at the end of the day, these ladies got to buy gold and tickets to perform Hajj and Umrah. How cool is that? 
Setelah 25 years ku di dunia ini, tidak pernah terlintas nak beli fridge magnet Kelantan. He he he. But darling husband loves to collect fridge magnets and of course I pun turut serta =)

  •  Yes, most Kelantan ladies (will exchange cash with gold, not to show off but for investment) plus they tend to save $$ for Hajj und Umrah. Bila ada duit lagi, pergi lagi Umrah. Begitu. Bukan nya bangsa nak beli kain langsir baru setiap tahun, or perabot baru setiap 2 tahun etc. 
  • When it comes to Raya Aidilifitri, these Kelantan women will not spend their $$ on things I mentioned above, instead, they will buy gold jewellery and cook a feast to "jamu" neighbours, relatives and friends.  
Pulut Durian kau sedap vogue gedevas meletop. Yes, Kelantanese eat durian with glutinous rice and coconut milk plus a tea spoon of sugar. Luscious!

  • I have warned my husband that, these makcik may look poor ie. selling beans in their kain batik but they are actually prosperous and happy.  
  • My husband first reaction when he arrived in Kota Bharu was sort of like this: "Wow, maju lah Kelantan. Lagi bagus dari Kuantan." Not as underdeveloped as what he heard from our media etc.  
  • Instead of me influencing him, I let him see for himself. My father brought him to places he wanted to see. The first place husband requested was to meet Nik Aziz in Pulau Melaka. My father just managed to drive past Nik Aziz's home and masjid. Since it was at night and there is a new tall building blocking his home from the main road, we couldn't really see. 
  • My father started to share his experience meeting Nik Aziz in his home back in 1980's. It was all due to work. Back then, Nik Aziz's home was all kayu-kayu, small and humble. 
  • To husband, with Allah's will, you will get to meet Nik Aziz some other time alright.  
Roti Kitab. About an inch in thickness. Like the bread. But I prefer without the egg hence just toast =)

  • So when is your turn to make profit?
  • There are hundreds of online businesses selling hijabs und tudung und head scarves. 
  • Have you ever questioned on how do they survive? 
  • Put all effort and have faith in Allah s.w.t.
  • Everything is possible with Allah's will. 

Istana Jahar, Kota Bharu. There is no RM1billion worth of palace(s) in Kelantan. Some might say because PAS has no money. But I bet you if PAS has the money, they won't even build one ridiculous palace, not even a Maybach for the King.


  1. I believe, the comment below was meant for this post right Kak Azila? hehe.

    I'm pretty sure Syahmi will want to kembali ke Kelantan to meet Nik Aziz.

    If ada rezeki, the four of us might meet there in Pulau Melaka!

    God knows =)

    Azila said...

    We went to Kelantan in 2009 after our reception in Shah Alam, which was my first time visiting KB and we really enjoyed our trip.

    Then in 2010 we went again to celebrate our first anniversary hehe...

    We get to listen to the Kuliah pagi Jumaat, the first time we actually managed to listen to TG Nik Aziz himself! My husband went 'crazy' haha for finally getting the chance to meet 'the man'.

    Tahun ni takde rezeki nak ziarah Kelantan lagi, perhaps next year insya Allah =)

    14 December 2011 10:39


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