Are We Paper Dolls?

Hidup mati susah senang ditentukan oleh Tuhan, di tentukan oleh Allah Azzawajalla.

  • Paper dolls are merely models. They just stand and wait to be dressed and groomed by us. 
  • Muslim ladies are obliged to follow clothing guidelines as what had been written in the Al-Quran. 
  • Does that make us paper dolls?
  • No. 
I used to enjoy playing with paper dolls. I would spent 50cent once in 6 months on paper dolls. I just love the sute dresses und accessories. =) Aber this one I got it for free!

  • These guidelines came from Allah s.w.t. to protect us women und men too. (und is and in German)
  • Protect all of us from what? You figure that out alright. 
  • We cover und hide our beautiful features from men except from our adorable husbands. So yayang, you are definitely special =)
  • And thank you for making me feel that I'm your precious one. Liebe dich. 
  • Preciousssssssss (Sméagol in Lord of The Rings
Style no.1 I like the heels but hate the rest. Hehe =D
  • Being covered does not make one ugly. However, the act of disobeying Allah's words definitely shows how ignorant and arrogant one is. 
  • So, do we want others to know how negative we are?
  • No right.
  • Kalau boleh before keluar dating dengan husband, nak sangat supaya make-up tak cacat supaya orang tak nampak kita selekeh. 
  • Tapi kita keluar sambil mendedah aurat, terang lagi bersuluh menglabel diri sendiri sebagai seorang yang negative. 
  • Haiyo. How could I =(
Style no.2. Still like the heels and hate the rest =D

  • Allah s.w.t. tidak membuka aib kita but kita yang mendedahkan aib kita sendiri. Tak termasuk aib orang lain lagi time mengumpat segala.
  • Jangan pernah rasa kecewa jadi wanita muslim sebab tak dapat pakai bareback dress during a wedding reception. Siapa kata tak boleh pakai? Boleh pakai but kena pada tempatnya dan crowd.
  • Jangan kolot and kasi fikiran sempit alright =)
Ya Allah hebatnya I boleh buat magic! =D Oranges sticking on my mug.  I did this back in Soton. hehe.

  • Ya Rabb. Please accept our apologies. Guide us and do not let us go astray. We need you every second und we need your protection from negative influences. Please, lead all of us to Jannah. 
  •  Allahumma yassir wala tu' assir
  • Muslim ladies are not paper dolls. We don't stand in silence and let others groom us as they wish. Aber we dress like what You have asked us to dress.
  • InshaAllah.
Even a 1 year old girl knows how to dress modestly. Almira sejuk sebenarnya ni. Haha.  At Hyde Park, London.
    Who says that muslim ladies do not know how to groom themselves? 
    Apa ingat muslim ladies don't know Vera Wang dresses oder La Petite Coquette lingerie lines?
    Excuse me, we do groom vogue gedevas gedeboom for our husbands only.
    Groom yang sampai terbeliak ternganga si suami =D
    Bah hamek!
    Kalah Audrey Hepburn you. 
    Islam does not forbid a muslim lady to groom und wear revealing clothes for her husband.
    And that is a fact. 


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