Are You Ticking?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I never heard of Tourette's Syndrome being discussed between doctors oder medical students in Malaysia. 
  • I knew about this syndrome from BBC Panorama about 2 years und 2 months ago. I tell you, it is indeed interesting. 
Tourette's Syndrome
An inherited, neurological disorder characterized by multiple involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocalizations called tics that come and go over years. In a few cases, such tics can include inappropriate words and phrases.

Not all people with TS have disorders other than tics. However, many people experience additional problems such as obsessive compulsive behavior, characterized by an intense need to act repeatedly, such as hand washing or checking that a door is locked; attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, characterized by difficulty concentrating and staying on task; learning disabilities, which include reading, writing and arithmetic difficulties; or sleep disorders, which include frequent awakenings or talking in one's sleep.

  • Most Brits with Tourette's Syndrome I've seen on tv have tics that make them blurt out foul words. I am not sure why but I have a great feeling that they say their immediate thoughts which are not meant to be said out-loud.
  • For example: being a negative person, Andy makes negative remarks in his mind about a black lady who just walked past him. Due to the tics that he is unable to control, he blurts out the word "nigger" even though he has no intention at all to express it out-loud. 
  • From my own observation by watching 3 documentaries about Tourette's Syndrome, I conclude that those who have this syndrome voice their thoughts out-loud due to the tics they are having. 
  • Therefore to avoid from blurting foul words oder negative remarks about others, these people need to learn on how to think positive and not to judge others negatively. 
  • Well, all of us without Tourette's Syndrome should think and be positive too!
  • Right?
Crispy home-made fried custard chicken. Ingredients as below.

  • There was once a boy blurted out the word "Chicken!" out loud und repeatedly in his classroom while his teacher was teaching. I giggled so did his desk mates! =D 
  • He must had thought of KFC or something. Some tics are funny and it is only alright for us to laugh if the person with Tourette's Syndrome himself laughs. 
  • But is inappropriate for us to stare and make negative judgement about Tourette's Syndrome people. 
  • Remember, they cannot control the tics!
These are the ingredients. Good luck trying!

  • Have you met anyone with Tourette's Syndrome?


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