Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Spooky right?! I purposely did that to her face. Hehe.
I just bought this book yesterday along with other agama books at MPH , One Utama.
Yup this is another true story translated into American English by Linda Coverdale.
So if there is a slight twist here and there, lets blame Linda for the
wrong translation oder Delphine for not listening well :)

  • Remember I once told you that you are what you read?
  • Well in my case, I'm not anywhere close to the ladies in my books. Alhamdulillah :)
  • Aber I still love to read true stories und watch inspirational movies from Iran oder other countries in the Middle East. 
  • The message is quite different from the ones we have in Malay movies. 
  • One of my favorite Iran movies is Children of Heaven. I named the movie "Kasut" since the story revolves around a pair of shoes. 
  • MashaAllah. The way they (story teller und director) deliver messages were superb. One thing about Iranian movies that I love is, they convey positive messages in children. 
  • 5 und 6 year old kid in Iran is not like 5 und 6 year old kid in Malaysia. The Iranian kids are somehow more mature und independent. At that age, they have been trained to do house chores und help their parents with anything. 
  • Well, I'm not sure if they only behave that way on tv. Aber I have a great feeling that most children of Tehran are self reliant. 
  • Bravo.
A few of my books. I used to love reading Stan Lee's when I was still in high school =D
My father did call me psycho back then for reading ghost stories  :- |
Yes, I don't read romantic fictional story books. I have a few local poetic books which my mom
 bought me when I was in college. The one by S.Othman Kelantan is a Malay novel I
used for my final year project back in MCB. It's about a loyal Muslim Kelantanese lady who was
so obedient. Nice. The 2 books by Jean Sasson are not that gut. Aber, Khaled Hosseini's is superb.
Another two must read are SOLD und A Promise to Nadia by Zana Muhsen. 
  • I am not a book worm aber I do read. I don't like to read Malay novels und English romantic novels too. 
  • English spy spy pun sorry. Not my cup of tea =)
  • Therefore if you have books about Middle Eastern women, please do recommend me. 
  • I learn fantastich stuffs from Malaysian ladies from observation und interaction. 
  • I am able to learn positive things about European und American women from tv und Youtube aber I hardly find tv shows about women in the Middle East. Hence books about them on my shelf. 
  • Well now TV Al-Hijrah shows an Iran tv series at 4pm if I'm not mistaken. Aber I rarely watch tv at that time hence I am unable to grasp the positive input. I only managed to watch that show once. 
At her age, she shouldn't be sucking her fingers anymore. She always does that
whenever she feels insecure und malu. How to stop her from doing so?
  • Syahmi does read. Aber some of you might find his books a lil bit controversial =D hehe.
  • Again, that is why I used to mention that we complete each other. 
  • I'll tell him stories about tackling life as a family und he'll share with me stories about managing family as an Islamic "politician"
  • We do forget stuffs. Hence we need reminders. No harm. 
  • Oh and before I end, please read with your little ones. Do not buy them books aber leave them to read by themselves. 
  • Dast ist nicht gut. 
Video above: Amir Josey laughing =D


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