A Complete Unit

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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  • My husband and I kinda have same taste for most things. But our approach differs in some ways. 
  • I am the type who would prepare all information before I proceed buying stuffs aber my husband prefers to go with the flow. Sometimes he would ask rhetorical questions und he doesn't mind doing the same thing twice. 
  • Hence, sometimes we would end up having tiny conflict before a problem is solved. 
  • A tiny conflict does not mean "I hate you, you hate me, we are not a happy family. Baling pinggan pecah gedebom." alright. 
  • Conflict arrises when both parties have different ideas und find it quite difficult to accept each others words. They do listen to each other aber they do not agree to the opposing ideas.

  • But to look on the positive side, having various ways in solving problems does help in completing a unit. 
  • I have all info hence I'm completing his "blank space", und he doesn't mind doing things twice hence he is completing my "blank space".
  • And of course during a tensed situation, we don't actually get to see the hikmah!
  • But like I said before, the key to avoid from having arguments between you and your spouse is to have a proper discussion no matter where and when. 
  • My husband always find time to speak to me whenever I don't feel at my best. I would send him a short text saying, eg: "I'm unhappy" und seconds later his face would appear on my phone screen. 
  • But my husband usually keeps his worries until he arrives home. Even though he would enter the house with a warm smile for me, I am still able to tell from his eyes that he is not happy for some unknown reasons. 

  • Please be patient to each other. 
  • Afterall your spouse will be the first person you want to be with either when you are happy oder sad. 


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