Crush Oder Crushed?


It was my dear friend's birthday yesterday (5th Jan). Again, I wish you all the best in life und may Allah s.w.t. keeps showering you with love. Happy 16th Birthday Ili Johan =)
Happy Birthday to Hidayah's mom too! Hid, please show your mom this line ok =)

  • This is just a random scenario. Got nothing to do with me und people that I know. If it happens to be you, syabas. You have managed to keep it to yourself. Alhamdulillah.
  • Al-kisah, a gentleman has a crush on someone else's wife. 
  • Zaaapppp!
  • Allahuakbar. Lets together not blame the man as love development is quite complex. 
  • If you happen to be one of them, just keep it to yourself alright :)
  • Do not let anyone else know. Not even your pet, Aloevera. 
  • Because the consequences of sharing the news might be super ugly to you, the lady und her family.

  • We don't meet everyone in this world before we decide to marry someone, yeah?
  • So what does a guy need to do in order to convince himself that he is going after the right lady?
  • Most of muslim men will propose a marriage only after they do Istikharah prayers. Same goes to muslim women before accepting a marriage.
  • Istikharah prayer is a Solat done when someone needs Allah's help und guidance in making a decision. 
Ayla : They say that I'm going to be made Queen when it's full moon. It is now!
Syahmi : Erk...erk... (Oh no. I don't fancy to be told by her)

Ayla: Yeehaa! Got my crown. Danke und danke y'all!
Syahmi : Haiyoh mati lah gua . . . 
Danke Awe for these cute gifts from Korea. We love them =)

  • So the story goes that initially, you didn't fall for your friend's wife aber when you meet her on regular basis, your love towards her blooms rapidly. 
  • Even though you've tried your best to not pay full attention on her existence. 
  • Therefore, what should you do und would you blame yourself?
  • Love is a gift. It may lead to a phenomenal ending oder a catastrophic one.
  • Most movies have love as the object und the cause. 
  • Even Nobita in Doraemon decided to behave due to the love he had for his mom.
  • If it happens to you, I reckon that you:
  1. Istighfar
  2. Find ways to avoid from meeting her.
  3. Treat her like a sister.
  4. Ask Allah for His help in protecting you and the lady from in/uncontrollable actions.
  5. Find someone else and marry her a.s.a.p
  6. Keep everything to yourself.
    • I know quite a number of people who love to tell and share EVERYTHING with their spouses.
    • Secrets are meant to be secrets and when you have made a promise not to tell anyone, you should hold on to it. 
    • I find it quite annoying und exasperating to find someone who just can't keep things to her/himself.
    • Memelihara amanat dan janji adalah wajib.
    • That is why I mentioned not to reveal this matter to ANYONE. 
    • Because our media might have your story published for the whole world to know. 
    • The badly affected person would be the married lady.
    We all have different love stories. Even though her blood runs in mine, we don't experience same Liebesgeschichten. Mama's can be turned into a novel und a movie. Cerekarama minggu ini also can. Hahahaha =D 

    7 Sifat yang menjadikan orang-orang mu'min beruntung : (Surah Al-Mu'minun : 1-11)
    Sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang-orang yang beriman (1) Iaitu orang-orang yang khusyu' dalam solat (2) dan orang-orang yang menjauhkan diri dari perbuatan dan perkataan yang tiada berguna. (3) dan orang-orang yang menunaikan zakat (4) dan orang -orang yang menjaga kemaluannya (5) kecuali terhadap isteri-isteri mereka atau *budak yang mereka miliki; maka sesungguhnya mereka dalam hal ini tiada tercela. (6) Barangsiapa mencari di balik itu maka mereka itulah orang-orang yang melampaui batas. (7) Dan orang-orang yang memelihara amanat-amanat yang dipikulnya dan janjinya, (8) dan orang-orang yang memelihara sembahyangnya. (9) Mereka itulah orang-orang yang akan mewarisi, (10) iaini yang akan mewarisi syurga Firdaus. Mereka kekal didalamnya. (11)
    * Maksudnya: budak-budak belian yang didapati dalam peperangan dengan orang kafir, bukan budak belian yang didapati di luar peperangan. Dalam peperangan dengan orang-orang kafir itu, wanita-wanita yang ditawan biasanya dibagi-bagikan kepada kaum Muslimin yang ikut dalam peperangan itu, dan kebiasaan ini bukanlah suatu yang diwajibkan. Imam boleh melarang sekiranya budak-budak yang dimiliki yang suaminya ikut tertawan bersamanya. (taken from Al-Quran und Translation)

    I was incredibly sick while climbing Bukit Thursina. It took us 5 hours plus to reach the top while others made it in 4 hours. I managed to go through all obstacles with Doa und husband's love. Merci beacoup babe.
    • Just be patient. Und do not stop praying.
    • InshaAllah you'll receive someone better. The best for you.
    • Remember, the best for your friend is not necessarily the best for you.
    Allahuakbar walilla hilhamd.


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