ein Haus

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Best juga kalau view dari haus nampak seluruh kawasan jajahan. 

  • We went to view another haus last night. Again, not a perfect one but the best we've seen so far. 
  • We tried to broaden our search area und neighborhood aber we ended up back to square one.
  • Husband would love to have ein home near his offices. Meaning ein home in between his 2 offices. 
  • So how now brown cow?
  • Months ago we did book for an apartment in Bukit Jelutong aber there was a problem with the title. We waited for 3 months aber the problem was still there. Hence we decided to forget about it und alhamdulillah we got our $$ back.
  • Since we don't like the ambience, we are grateful for such incident =D
  • If we dislike the ambience, why did we book for that unit in the first place?
  • Answer: We simply need the space.
Best juga if haus tu ada tempat air celup-celup kaki canggini.

  • Our stuffs from UK are just too many to fit into Mom's. So we have some stuffs kept at Ibu's und some at Bapak's. 
  • Ni belum bawak balik K-Mix, pressure cooker, smoothie machine, food processor, toys, baby pram, baby high chair und segala tok nenek.
  • Eh eh don't be surprised ok. Our friends siap bawa balik almari, meja and such tau! Complete their whole haus. Genius betul. 
  • =D
Best juga kalau haus tu ada Amir setiap hari.
  • We have tried to search for ein haus to be called home since last year. 
  • With a tight budget, it is quite difficult for us to settle for one. 
  • Therefore the experience of haus hunting is quite interesting aber tiring und sometimes it leads to disappointment. 
  • Well for us, most of the time =p
  • Allahuma yassir wallatu'asir.
  • Another moment that will be cherished. 
  • Thank you Allah.
Bagus juga kalau ada Almira (Amir's elder sister) setiap hari di haus tu.

  • Yours truly is currently busy updating The Sale, K.Ayla Store und running errands. 
  • InshaAllah will post another entry tonight. 
  • Perhaps a long one.


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