Feelin Good


Almira: Aunty Ayla nak tengok wayang?
Ayla : Apa dia? Aunty nak ayam? (memang tak dengar)
Almira: hahahaha
Ayla: Aunty tak nak ayam. hahaha.
Almira: Ayam pulak. hahaha. Aunty Ayla nak tengok wayang?
Ayla : Oh wayang. Nak!
Almira: Pergilah wayang


Ayla: Say hi!
Almira : Iyoo
Ayla: peweeet!
Almira: weeweeet
Ayla : Bye! 
Almira: Bye!
Ayla: Babai! (suara garau)
Almira : Byeee (suara besar)
Ayla : Tata!
Almira : Taaa (sambil gelak)

The cheeky girl und her baby brother. 

  • I've been exercising with husband and yes it makes me feel better.
  • Memang agak liat everytime nak start. But once dah mula, terus jalan sampai dengar orang start mengaji di Surau. Hehehe. 
  • And semalam I skipped exercising since I had a very late "lunch". So instead of burning calories at the park, I allowed myself to zzzzzz. Ya Ampun Ayla! =D
  • One day time tengah jalan laju and banyak at the park in front of mom's home:
Syahmi : So what is your motivator? What motivates you to exercise?
Ayla : Getting slimmer.
Syahmi : No. You should not look it that way. We want to be fit and healthy.
Ayla : Oh... yeah. 
Syahmi : See. Now dah merah muka. If not pucat.
Ayla : Oi, pandai komplen pulak.
Syahmi : Tak complaint. Baguslah darah circulate.

My favorite homemade Salmon pizza. Alah stakat tabur fresh salmon und cheese je dah panggil homemade ke? hehe. Pizza base with tomato sauce topping beli siap. 

  • It is true. Most women exercise because they want to shed a few kilos und to get their dream shape. 
  • While some women opt for corsets. And they truly fork out thousands of ringgit for a set. Fuh. Banyak duit betul mereka tu =)
  • But most of us got the idea wrong. Being slim und having voluptuous body does not mean one is fit und healthy if she does not exercise. And if one is plump, it does not mean that she is unfit.
  • Our internal organs need to "work hard" once in a while as well. Especially the heart und muscles. 
  • More movements mean more work for the muscles. If our muscles are relaxed for too long ie. 3 days off, trust me, you will need more effort to re-use them while walking und running. You might experience some pain as well. 
  • And have you heard about muscles turn into fat when one stops working out? Well that is a myth according to some sources. Source: www.todayifoundout.com
Senyum and pose for a picture pun helps to shed a few calories. No? 

After a person quits exercising, the muscle cells aren’t going away and somehow managing to morph into fat cells; rather, they are simply shrinking. This allows the body to conserve energy when a person’s daily activities don’t require as much muscle mass; muscle cells take quite a bit of energy to maintain (resting caloric usage of 13 Calories per kilogram per day).
The myth that muscles turn to fat when a person stops exercising probably stems from the fact that people who body build or otherwise exercise quite a bit, who then stop exercising, tend to start looking a little squishy around the edges. There are a few different things that contribute to this, but primarily, it all comes down to caloric intake.
Specifically, people who exercise regularly tend to accustom themselves to eating quite a bit more food than people who maintain a relatively healthy body weight without exercising. Once they stop exercising though, they instantly lose the need for the calories used during their workouts, which is often quite significant.
It gets worse though. Over time, as their body loses muscle mass, their body needs significantly fewer calories even when they aren’t working out. As noted before, resting skeletal muscle cells burn approximately 13 Calories per kilogram per day or around 6 Calories per pounds per day. So they’ll even see quite a difference there while they’re just sitting around doing nothing.
So bottom line, people who exercise regularly who suddenly stop, tend to gain fat quickly because they don’t adjust their food intake to compensate for their decreased caloric needs, not because muscle cells are somehow turning into fat cells.
Bila exercise pun masih boleh makan cake cun macam ni. Source: pinkcakebox.

  • Some people are afraid to even start exercising because if they can't commit on a weekly basis, they have the idea of their muscles will turn into fat.
  • I used to have that in my head too. hehe =D
  • So after googling and reading articles about it, are you still afraid of having your muscles turn into fat once you stop working out?
  • InshaAllah tak kan. ;-)
  • Lets together be more healthy and fit even just by doing brisk walking. 
  • What exactly is brisk walking?  Click here for more info. 
To those who really want to lose weight, you just need to watch your calorie intake. The less calorie you consume, the sooner you'll lose weight. You do not need to work out to lose weight. But if you love yourself, please exercise.


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