The Garden of Eden


The Garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן,Gan ʿEdhenArabic: جنة عدن, Jannat ʿAdn)[1] is in the Bible's Book of Genesis as being the place where the first man, Adam, and his wife, Eve, lived after they were created by God

Ayla : Babe, apa nama-nama syurga?
Syahmi : Jannatul Firdausi, Jannatul Ma'wa...hmmm...Jannatul ntahapalagilah. Tak ingat.
Ayla : Jannatul ntahapalagilah tu untuk orang sepet gelap ke b? hehe =D
Syahmi : (dilemparnya cushion mama kepada cintanya sambil tersipu-sipu geram. Cintanya dah selamat gelak guling-guling.)

Babe's Carls Jr. fish fillet. I tell you, more delicious than McD. Berasa lah ikannya .

  • We saw a snippet on channel Al-Hijrah last night about a t.v. program entitled "yadayada (cant' remember) Eden."
  • It is about a lady who claimed that she is married to the Angel Gabriel. It is a true documentary and will be available for viewing on Al-Hijrah channel this wednesday at 9:30pm (if I'm not mistaken.)
  • Allahuakbar. How could she? I hope that none of us will fall for her silly actions und remarks. 
  • May Allah s.w.t. protect all of us from the Hell fire. 
Sugar coated peanuts. The brits have yogurt coated raisins und peanuts. Sort of on the healthy range. But to have this sweet peanuts once in awhile, is alright.  We had this in Kelantan.

  • Heard a ceramah from the Masjid in front of mom's home, the Ustaz said sort of like this: "Sedekah kepada perkara pembelajaran (educational) adalah lebih baik kerana ia akan berterusan. Sebab itu di panggil Amal Jariah."
  • I don't know what Jariah means and the reason relating Amal Jariah to sedekah for educational purposes. I didn't get to hear the full ceramah as I was lateeee. Well, didn't know ada ceramah pun that was why we came only to perform Solat Isya'. hehehe =D
  • But anyway, it makes sense though. If we contribute towards education, inshaAllah the knowledge will be passed down to other generations, no?
  • And when more people get benefited from the sedekah, inshaAllah pahala kepada penderma itu akan berterusan, no?
  • Since ticket to Jannah consists of doing good deeds und amalan, sedekah does play a big role in geting us into Jannah, right?
  • Allahuma yassir wallatu'asir. 
* Yours truly went out to get 2 packs of nasi lemak kerang. One for herself and the other one is for her not-so-baby brother. Ok now resume typing. 

Ok now I pasti jealous fikirkan Syahmi ada bidadari lain in Jannah nanti. Oh I do not have to worry, seorang isteri yang soleh akan menjadi penghulu oder ketua bidadari suaminya di syurga nanti right? Harus ku rasa nak lock semua bidadari lain. Whahahahaha. Ok now worry balik on how to jadi isteri soleh. Gulp. May you, Syahmi and I will have a place in Jannah. 

  • See. It is not difficult to reach Jannah aber it is also not difficult to enter Neraka. 
  • Lets together be more generous und do anything to avoid us from going astray. 
  • InshaAllah we will be reunited in Jannatul Firdaus. 
  • Ameen.
  • =)
Tingkatan dan nama-nama syurga ialah :
1. Firdaus
2. Syurga ‘Adn
3. Syurga Na’iim
4. Syurga Na’wa
5. Syurga Darussalaam
6. Daarul Muaqaamah
7. Al-Muqqamul Amin
8. Syurga Khuldi
Sedangkan tingkatan dan nama-nama neraka adalah :
1. Neraka Jahannam
2. Neraka Jahiim
3. Neraka Hawiyah
4. Neraka Wail
5. Neraka Sa’iir
6. Neraka Ladhaa
7. Neraka Saqar
8. Neraka Hutomah

  • Got the list from here:
  • I do not know whether the names are correct or not since instead of having Ma'wa they have it as Na'wa. 
  • Typo?
  • Wallahu'alam. 
Babe, I miss your lamb mint korma. I will ask Allah to add more points for you to enter Jannah if you prepare me the korma again. He he =D So, do you want that extra points babe? xoxo


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