• Don't think about it too much.
  • You'll be at ease when you've done your best and leave the rest to Allah Azzawajalla.
  • What comes next is a surprise for us from Allah s.w.t.
  • It may be good oder bad, aber hikmah always comes with it. 
  • And then, another challenge is waiting for us. 
  • With another blank space in our "report cards" will be filled in by Malaikat with it.
  • Back to square one, usaha und tawakkal (putting our matters in absolute trust in Allah s.w.t.)
  • InshaAllah you'll be at ease.
Products made from olives we bought in Spain. There was a news on Yahoo about EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) scam in Europe. Some claimed that certain EVOO contains sunflower oil and other additives instead of just having 100% pressed olive oil. I do not know how to check. =(
Back in Egypt, we learned on how to eat Salatah (the dish at the corner of the table) und Humous. Yes, husband and I love Salatah the second we tasted it. It is best eaten with baked chicken, fish oder anything fried. Last Saturday uncle Wan treated us for a lunch at Ar-Rawsha, Ampang. They do have Salatah aber it looks moke like sambal belacan and it is quite acidic.
  •  Yours truly would like to invite all of you to attend Fiqh Ummah Convention 2012 on 18th-19th Febryary 2012 at Dewan Merdeka PWTC. Quite a number of local und international speakers will be there. For more info click here.


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