Let The Game Begins


Ajim, you might want to save this pic before you go go go go go go~ Oh I miss that child in his lap =(

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  • Year 2012 started awesomely for me and I bet dearest Syahmi too. 
  • I've been developing a good habit which is less complaining. 
  • It's good right? 
  • =) 
  • I am sure most of you have new year resolutions and of course they are for a good cause.
  • As for me, I don't actually have a list of new year resolutions as I force myself to find and grab all chances to change each day. 
  • I admit that it is not easy und sometimes I do fail. 
  • =) hehe
  • That was why I said "Payah betul nak Istiqamah".
This guy will be leaving soon. With that, more ideas have been generating in my head. hehe. 

Make sure you learn how to prepare at least fried chicken before you leave. I do not want you to end up having fast food everyday. 

  • So how to increase the chance of being able to consistently behaving well?
  • Apart from own initiative und commitment, one of the other ideas is to be surrounded by great people. We do learn from other people. Therefore mingle around with beautiful people so that we could absorb positive actions und characteristics. 
  • Aber remember, do not just absorb. We should channel the positive attitude to others as well. The point is to SHARE
  • From my readings, I found that "niat" does play a big role in achieving istiqamah. 
  • I guess it has got to do with Allah's blessings. If we do good just for the sake of boasting off, we might find it more difficult to do it consistently. 
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  • Pernah tak you guys experience ni:
Pergi post office untuk daftar mengundi. The lady behind counter was so rude. Dengan tak senyumnya tambah lagi masam muka lepastu cakap endah tak endah. "Kenapalah lady tu rude?", Hassan. "Pasal dia rude lah dia kerja belakang counter kat post office. Kalau dia elok, mungkin jadi Allah beri dia peluang kerja di belakang counter di Four Seasons New York.", Hamid.

Or perhaps learn how to make this luscious Syahmi's chicken wrap. Wohoo!

  • Mana datang dulu? Peluang kerja baru kita put in interest und effort? oder Effort und interest are affected by work?
  • Kerja adalah satu ibadah. Dan berkerja dengan baik perlu istiqamah. Jika kita tidak berasa sesuai dengan kerja itu, maka berundurlah dengan adab yang baik. Kerja yang membosankan tidak menghalalkan kita untuk berlaku biadap.
  • So now, the game is to manage our jobs in the best manner that we can. 
  • May Allah make it easy for all of us. 
  • Have a great day at work all!
  • =)


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