• Yes, yours truly is not the type who loves to attend reunion gathering or what nots. Not that she hates others, but it is just her self-being, who doesn't fancy to be in large crowds. 
  • BUT, helping to organize and attending Al-Dinawari's 1st gathering is truly enjoyable =)
  • I know all of them hence no trouble in socializing. hehe. 
  • I am looking forward for our next reunion. 
  • I have started to miss my ex-classmates who remember me as the "fierce" vice pres of the LDP (prefect). 
  • Well, I'm not anymore guys. I don't have hundreds of "kids" to look after nowadays =p

The Al-Dinawari lads with Chef Riz. hehe. Syahmi was not from MRSM KL aber he studied in MRSM Jasin instead. Alhamdulillah they managed to get along as quick as lightning. (ok what kind of a proverb is that!) The lady in black is of course, my dearest sahabat who loves Almira more than me! =(
  • We had great times together back in school and we had it again once more during the gathering. 
  • Thank you Allah Azzawajalla for another phenomenal chance. I managed to "interview" almost everyone. hehe. 
  • I had been away for so long and I felt quite unfair for me to not know how my dear friends have been doing. 
  • Alhamdulillah all of them are now happily working and pursuing studies in tertiary level.   

Norita's luscious cempedak goreng. Superb! Nak stress ni, I was the one yang kena suluh torch light. Fine thank you bye.
Nurul, the lady who loves water. You should see her enjoying durian in that particular river! Haha. 
Ulat Mas Tukul. A hammerhead worm.
Participants of the Ku Cari Sweetheart Ku Di Dalam Debuan Tepung  game. Of course team Fairus (team yang ada suamiku hehehe) menang dong! ;-) That was because Nordin blew all the tepung. Jadi tinggal sweets je for the rest. Easy eyh~
Nordin vs. Hid. Yes, Nordin sacrificed his car for us. Danke =) 
A flour covered face guy, Mr. Syahmi. The aftermath. 

The ladies who were not keen in getting wet. =D Yours truly with Ili Johan und Dalila Shahdan. Dalila was my desk-mate. She knows all he things I did back in class. hehe. For example; having English words written in Bahasa Malaysia essays. Bah!

  • At night after BBQ, we played the Cap Kicap game and Jangan Ketawa lead by Jambu.
  • Such hilarious moment =D hehehe. 
  • More photos are with Ili. She was the one with DSLR or what ever you call the super camera tu. 
  • Lawa photos yang Ili captured :)
  • That was how I spent celebrating new year. We didn't actually celebrate it pun. I almost forgot that it was the 1st January 2012 pun. hehe.
  • So did you enjoy your last December 2011?
  • I did. 
  • With phenomenal people =)
  • Alhamdulillah.

I wanted to have this on my way home aber, we went to check out Space U8 instead.  After months of launching, Ayla Johanbaru teringin nak try this Chatime Pearl Tea. Not bad for RM5.90. The price is still reasonable not like Starbucks. Dah lah Starbucks supports Zionist pulak tu. Tak berkenan eden. You think I'm bluffing? Read this.

Thank you very much Al-Dinawarians.
I look forward for our next gathering but not the Ansara one.
Dalila should know why by now.


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