Too Young?


  • After done dealing with Poslaju at the post office in Mydin, (The Sale darlings, yes you may now wait impatiently for your purchased items at your gates. ;) ) I did a quick groceries shopping on my own.
  • At the checkout counter:
Mydin cashier : Kak ni air apa kak?
Ayla Johan : Sorry apa dia?
Mydin cashier : Ni air apa kak? (referring to the bottle in her hands)
Ayla Johan : Oh tu bukan air. Tu minyak.
Mydin cashier : O. Minyak?
Ayla Johan : Minyak Zaitun (Sameon =p)

  • Lepas ni siapa yang pakat tak kenal Zaiton Sameon, please google about her yourself =)
  • It has been 3 years since I started promoting olive oil and today Allah s.w.t. made me met a young lady who doesn't even know what Olive Oil means.
  • At that time I rasa macam nak ajak dia datang rumah and preparekan the sweet lady Mozzarella and Tomato Panini with drizzled EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
  • Takpalah tiada rezeki dia. 
  • Jadi tugas kita untuk terus didik apa yang kita tahu. Share share und share. Genau.
  • Therefore we have got no reasons to give up.;)
mama and abah, maafkan saya kerana tidak menjadi seorang engineer seperti the both of you and abang. tapi saya akan terus mencuba menjadi seorang yang bersifat positive dan akan tetap menghadiahkan apa yang termampu dari hasil The Sale. inshaAllah. Kepada manusia yang masih berkata saya tidak berguna kepada Malaysia kerana tidak menjadi engineer setelah pulang dari Southampton, silalah terus berkata demikian kerana Doa orang yang dianiaya dan ditindas senang makbul. =)

  • Speaking of too young, it came to my mind while I was waiting for my whole chicken to be weighed that am I too young to do this?
  • This as in doing groceries shopping all by myself while husband is at work.
  • Well, I did look for people at about my age and yes I spotted a few of them but they were either with their moms or friends ie. students renting next to Mydin. 
  • I wonder, how, when and with who/whom you young wives go groceries shopping with?
  • Well I personally hate going to Mydin on Saturday oder Sunday. Penuh ya amat. Boleh pengsan. 
  • Oh yes, yours truly pernah pengsan kat Giant. Siap darah lutut and dahi sebab tersembam terus atas jalan. 
  • Gara-gara long queues at all check out counters. 
  • T_T
  • Lagi satu my habit is to not breathe when I'm in crowds. Hadoyh. Crowd yang himpit-himpit tu. Macam you rebut-rebut naik bus kat Highfield Interchange tu. Tak nafas makanya fengsan lah. 
This is what we do best. Discussing. Time atas pelamin pun boleh discuss you siap kerut kerut dahi lagi ok. hehe. Alhamdulillah we still manage to communicate very well with each other. We learned from Rasulullah s.a.w. yang senantiasa mendengar keluhan isteri-isteri dan anak-anaknya sebelum beliau membuat judgement. The trick is to take turns to talk. Und when your spouse is talking, you should pay attention to him/her but not condemning his/her words.

  • With just a few young ladies in sight, it made me wonder should I be in an office working for some tycoon again?
  • My answer for now is still no.
  • I don't want to jeopardize the time that I have left to be with darling husband. He may not be at home during the day but I want to always appear happy and fresh whenever he arrives home. I don't want to be the cranky wife I used to be due to the mixed emotions at work. 
  • Well what if The Sale turns out bad in the future especially when pound sterling regains its strength?
  • I believe that there is always at least a solution to a problem. If dah buntu sangat, I pulang balik business ni to Allah s.w.t. 
  • Sekarang ni I pinjam ajo from Him =)
Again, this is black pudding. So Muslims please do not eat this. Nampak macam Sure (Kuih Asyura) Kelantan kan? hehe.

  • So back to my initial question, am I too young to be a full time stay at home wife working from home and get to run errands at my own sweet time?
  • The answer is NOPE.
  • To those of you who have plans to be a stay at home wife but have no ideas at all on how to spend your time at home alone, inshaAllah there will be a seminar in the first week of February held by an organization yet to be revealed.
  • This is not a scam und this is not an MLM program or anything that goes with it. 
  • But one thing for sure, we are all too young to be wearing baju kedah, kain batik and only inner scarf (anak tudung) to wet market with a basket dangling from our right arm ;p
    Symmetry kan? Nampak yours truly ngak? hehe. Apo eden dah jatuh dalam air to ke....

    Ok air minuman Mydin oder Mydin drinking water now dah mahal RM0.30 per 1.5litre! 
    Ni gara-gara kedai rakyat 1Malaysia ke? 
    Tak baik lah macam tu. Dah tu bagi Mydin yang in charge of that kedai rakyat...
    Take care y'all!


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