Where Will I Be?

Cherishing life as it is.

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  • Mein Mann has been working hard. 
  • I'm glad that he is enjoying his working life aber I know that he really wants to do more.
  • Danke babe. Möge Gott Sie segnen.
Allah knows best. I didn't know that being Syahmi's wife is superbly fun. Ya Rabb,  jadikanlah suamiku seorang muslim yang senantiasa taat kepada-Mu. (Us at Abg. Hafidz and Kak Nensi's wedding reception.)

  • I know that some of you keep changing workplaces. Und most professionals quit working for others und start building their own empires. 
  • We can easily google for their stories. So go on and start googling =)
  • As for me, what I want the most at the moment are to really focus on improving my nuclear family (wish to add more family members), gaining more knowledge without having to pursue phD, contributing to the society by all means, feed the poor und needy, creating awareness so that the right government wins, und traveling (a must for me und mein Mann),  while having passive income.
  • But to reach the passive income thingy, is absolutely possible but not that easy. 
  • Aber I'm not going to admit defeat.  
Syahmi says that I'm funny. He always smiles oder laughs whenever I'm around. Well I say him "Sepet!" =D His eyes tu adalah Takdir Mubram yang tidak bisa kita ubah lagi. So babe, we have to accept ourselves whole heartedly. Weeheee~
 (Kacau yayang kacau! He's helping out in stirring a pot of sticky Sura in Kelantan.) 

  • Therefore, it makes me wonder, where will I be in the year 2013? 2014? and so on...
  • I never thought that I would set up an enterprise and have The Sale. (oh yes yes lagi 3 hari pre order ends! hurry naik lorry!)
  • I never thought that mama wouldn't let Syahmi and I out of her home =D Baha!
  • I never thought that my baby bro would set up his own homegrown music band, The Marjans and have the courage to perform publicly.
  • etc.
  • And I totally do not know what will happen to me in the next coming years. 
  • Which is fantastich! So I can continue experimenting with my life eyh ;-)
  • I rasa dalam family I, I sorang saja yang banyak try buat benda. Jual tu jual ni, kejar sana sini, etc. hehehehehehe. 
  • Alhamdulillah. 
Sura in the making. Kelantaneses don't prepare bubur Asyura, instead they have it in the form of a kuih. 

  • It does not mean that we have to stop planning since the real things will happen according to Allah's ultimate plan. 
  • Tapi kita diberi peluang untuk mengubah takdir muallaq dengan berdoa dan perbuatan baik!
  • Therefore we should not take this lightly while we still have time. 
Bagi manusia ada malaikat-malaikat yang selalu mengikutinya bergiliran, di muka dan di belakangnya, mereka menjaganya atas perintah Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak merobah keadaan sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka merobah keadaan yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri. Dan apabila Allah menghendaki keburukan terhadap sesuatu kaum, maka tak ada yang dapat menolaknya; dan sekali-kali tak ada pelindung bagi mereka selain Dia. - ( Q.S Ar-Ra’d ayat 11)
Tadaa! Ditakdirkan at 25 baru I dapat rasa another one of Kelantan delicacies.

  • We do play a big role in determining our future. With Allah's will, we will achieve our beautiful dreams.
  • inshaAllah. 
  • Allahuma yassir walla tu'assir.
Ingat, nak mengubah takdir muallaq perlu berdoa dan berusaha. 
Bukan sekadar mengharap.


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