Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

They were so cute in go-karts! This was captured by me before Alan's ride
accidentally went on top of Syahmi. T_T Yeah blame the Bangladeshi guy for his negligence. 

  • I received a question weeks ago about bad manners. I was ill for a few days und were very busy the past few weeks hence this late feedback. Maaf. 
  • The question sounded like this, "If you have a bad mannered guest staying in your home, what will you do?"

At the time of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), one of the polytheists mockingly said to Salman al-Farsi, “ Your Prophet taught you everything, even the manners of going to the toilet” Salman answered, “Yes, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) forbade us from facing the qibla (direction of the Ka’ba) when urinating or relieving ourselves” Salman continued “The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) asked us not to use the right hand when cleaning ourselves and to use at least three stones for cleaning” .

(Reported in Muslim)

  • The reason why some of us behave negatively is because they do not understand and practice Islam as a whole. Adab is part of Islam and to behave well und positively is what a muslim should do. 
  • Islam is not just about Solah und Fasting in the month of Ramadhan. We don't choose which chapter in the Al-Quran to follow instead we need to understand und practice all Islamic teachings in the Al-Quran.
  • And as to answer the question above, here are a few steps that I will take if I were to have such guest staying in my home:
  1. If she is someone that I've known for ages and we could easily laugh things out loud, I will highlight her bad manners in my jokes or tell her straight to her face in funny tones. 
  2. If she is someone that I've known for ages and we are not close, I will not tell her straight to her face. I will keep on behaving positively und make Dua/Doa. Hopefully she realizes her own mistakes by comparing to others in that particular home. 
  3. If she is a total stranger, I will confront her privately ie. not in front of others if she stays more than a week. If she stays less than a week, I will not confront her aber I will keep on behaving positively und make Dua/Doa.
  • Aber then again, the above guest is roughly about my age. If the guest is 20 to 30 years older than me, I might do the same oder I might not. 
  • There are so many factors that we have to consider before taking actions und the ways to handle:
  1. The relationship between you and the guest.
  2. The age gap.
  3. The consequences.
  4. The situation.
  5. etc.
Blaming session. It was one of the Bangladeshi guys in this picture fault.
Too long for me to share with all of you. Aber Alhamdulillah. Alan was all ok
und Syahmi only had a small wound on his finger due to the collision. 
Syahmi the go-kart racer ala ala cikedis =D Und his wife was
the loyal "gadis litar". hehe.

  • The key point is for us not to be rude when confronting. 
  • Well, we might accidentally behaving badly during our stay in others' homes too. 
  • Therefore take into account all possibilities. 
  • Do not jump straight into our own conclusion that our guest has always been behaving badly. 
  • That will cause hatred. Hatred leads to "I no friend you one lorr."
  • Therefore it's a big NO NO to keep the idea that the guest is always practicing bad manners. 
  • If you still have problems and it bothers you too much for having such guest, I reckon that you ask Allah s.w.t. for guidance. 
  • =)

  • Alright. A few photos during Azeem's makan-makan:
Selama ni I really thought that Alif is younger than Azeem!
=D So sorry guys. Alif in red is one of The Marjans guitarists.
Happiness :D So what do we have here?
Graphic designers, speech therapist, architect und engineer.
Alhamdulillah. The lady in red hijab was the one who designed The Sale logo.
If you need her service, you can simply e-mail me aber she is now waiting to deliver her
first child! Just a few days more. Fuh~ 

Relatives. Thank you for making the day happened for Mama und Azeem =)
As usual, Amir and his Tok Abah. Ish manja! 

Remember, do not purposely find fault in others. 
We are not perfect either. 
Aber lets together adapt good manners. 
Adab itu penting dan jangan beri alasan untuk tidak menjaga adab.  


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