Happiness Oder Kegembiraan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Almira with her homemade sword.
  • I should make Friday as a no working day for me. Yes. I will do that. Starting urmm... next week? 
  • Hari ini kisah kegembiraan. 
  • What makes you happy? 
  • Boypren? Girlpren?
  • Ish!

Almira captured this. Her Uncle Ajim is a happy person too. 

  • My family makes me happy. My two little munchkins make me hyper. I do not need chocolates und sweets. haha. 
  • Make yourself available for others (those with positive attitude und energy). InshaAllah you will taste the fruit. 
  • If we mingle around with negative energy people, we tend to be negative as well. 
  • Therefore I reckon that you make sure you know who your friends are. If they suck your blood out, then search for other positive people. 
  • I know, it is not that easy aber do not give up. Und please do not settle for drugs. That is the silliest  thing to do. I personally will slap you with my slipar jamban. 
Like Grandad Like Grandson. I love to take candid pictures of anyone especially
Almira und Amir. I even captured ayam kampung main dengan anak dia =D
  • Finding friends abroad pun not that easy. 
  • Different culture und behavior are a few of the factors. 
  • Well, it takes time to know people hence do not back off before you get to know them.
  • Invite them for tea at your place. Have a chat about your culture und share with them stuffs you brought from your hometown. 
  • Alright?
Aunty Ayla caught you Almira. Her new habit: kopek kuku kaki. Just like me ;D
See! Nicht gut Almira! Aber Amir relax aja. 
  • Do not take your family for granted. 
  • Kalau you perasan kan, your family lah tempat paling selesa you berada.
  • If and only if your parents are not child abusers. 
  • :|

Friday again! Alhamdulillah :-D
Orang ramai cuti lama.
My father said "Malaysia ni banyak betul cuti. Sikit-sikit cuti."
Haha. Ayat tak puas hati sebab terpaksa bagi employees dia cuti juga ke abah? 

I'm happy.
Hope you are too.
Have a great weekend y'all!


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