In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • On the second day of Fiqh Ummah Convention, we arrived quite late since I had another commitment in the morning. 
  • We arrived at about 1pm and to my surprise, another event by thosewhoareagainstPAS was on going as well. 
  • We walked against the stream of Fiqh Ummah participants who are on their way to have lunch in The Mall. Thousands of them! Yes, I have a feeling that we outnumbered the other event. 
  • As I was walking, I saw the you know who people holding black books in their hands. Guess what, on the cover of the book is written "Bukti PAS bukan parti Islam"
The ones that I saw were pitch black books with white colore font "PAS" on it.
  • Upstairs we were having convention with para Ulama' und ustaz(s) from various backgrounds whereas downstairs, the other group was busy spreading negative words about PAS. 
  • Ya Rabb. 
  • The minute I got the news about the other gathering, I quickly prayed to Allah so that none of our speakers will mention the acronym "UMNO". 
  • Alhamdulillah tiada kedengaran pun sewaktu I di dewan merdeka PWTC tu.
  • Aber, there was 1 speaker who did mention "Lembu, voucher RM100 und RM500." Well, he is in the line of political studies. What do you expect? hehe
  • I remember meeting him back in Southampton with Dr. Asri. 
More people were still on their way at this moment. 

  • So what did I get from the convention?
  • A lot! (for a beginner I suppose) hehe.
  • The main topic was Wasatiyyah. Bersederhana in everything that we do. 
  • Tak terlalu extreme and tak sekular. 
  • Islam should be there in everything that we do. For example, we cannot separate Islam from our career, we cannot separate Islam from politics etc. 
  • Wasatiyyah dalam Economy und Kewangan was also presented.
  • Katanya, jangan labur dahulu baru call Ustaz tanya haram or tak pelaburan tu. Sebab manusia ni suka buat dulu baru tanya hukum. Bila dah tahu hukum, mula nak cari alasan segala. 
  • No?
  • I akan share lagi apa itu Wasatiyyah in my next entry. inshaAllah. 
Ust. Zamri und I can't remember who.

One of the speakers shared a story. Ayat ni ayat I sebab I tak ingat the exact words. But maksudnya tak lari =) : Ada seorang sahabat memakai baju compang. Rasulullah s.a.w. bertanya kepadanya, "Apakah pekerjaan kamu?" Lelaki tersebut menjawab, "Saya punyai kambing, unta, etc." Kemudian Rasulullah s.a.w. menegur lelaki tersebut, "Pakai lah pakaian yang sesuai dengan keadaan kamu."   

I am so sorry Sarawakian. I just can't swallow your Laksa Sarawak.
Not even smell the aromatic gravy. =(

Manusia itu pelbagai. 
It takes time to understand.


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