Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Alhamdulillah my dearest Yohanis and her new born are doing well. =D 
  • Congratulations to Yo and Fikri.
  • I will not reveal the baby's name. Let the proud parents do it. A beautiful one indeed.
  • Wunderbar! Wunderbar! (Wonderful in German).
  • =D

Husband with our laundry bag.
Mabrouk to you too in your career darling.
  • I listened to a ceramah yesterday and it touched me on how Abdul Rahman bin Auf managed his wealth. 
  • I adore his attitude when it comes to dealing with $$.
  • I know a couple of families who are so brilliant in sharing their wealth with others. Their children were so well trained und at young age, they have started to do good. 
  • MashaAllah. 
Abdur-Rahman's support for the Muslims and the Prophet's wives in particular was well-known. Once he sold a piece of land for forty thousand dinars and he distributed the entire amount among the Banu Zahrah (the relatives of the Prophet's mother Aminah), the poor among the Muslims and the Prophet's wives. When Aishah, may God be pleased with her, received some of this money she asked:
"Who has sent this money?" and was told it was Abdur-Rahman, whereupon she said:
"The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: No one will feel compassion towards you after I die except the sabirin (those who are patient and resolute)."

The prayer of the noble Prophet that Allah should bestow barakah on the wealth of Abdur-Rahman appeared to be with Abdur-Rahman throughout his life. He became the richest man among the companions of the Prophet. His business transactions invariably met with success and his wealth continued to grow. His trading caravans to and from Madinah grew larger and larger bringing to the people of Madinah wheat, flour, butter, cloths, utensils, perfume and whatever else was needed and exporting whatever surplus produce they had.
 In depth about Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf, click here.

  • Thank you pak cik for your hard work to get us across. 


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