Making Loss Thus FORCING Others To Help

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • PROTON is making profit aber now they are so desperate to sell their cars therefore they come up with "car leasing program".
  • They will sort of help you to lease your car if no one wants to buy the car from you so that you can instantly purchase a new PROTON car.
  • And do you know that PROTON cars in Malaysia are more expensive than the PROTON cars in Australia, UK etc?
  • I know it doesn't sound gut und I also think that it is unethical!
  • It's like you're paying more for a pack of coconut milk if you buy it straight from the factory next to your home!
Macam cut out from newspaper kan? =D I gode gode sekali jadi macam ni.
Amir Albanna und Almira Alhassan Alayoubi,

  • Today I'm not going to blebel in depth about PROTON. Well, our first car is a PROTON. 
  • Honestly, if we have the money, we would end up with a Scirocco instead. 
  • We don't fancy being in debt for a long period of time hence we settled with a PROTON. 
  • ;-) 
  • Alright. Syahmi handed me a long text last night. So I figure out that he wants me to share it with all of you. 
  • It's about having FGVHB (Felda Global Ventures Holding Berhad) listed in Bursa Malaysia. By doing so, is it going to make lots of profit oder not?
  • ANAK (Persatuan Anak Peneroka Felda Kebangsaan) did quite a lot of research in this. According to them, pendapatan FELDA dari tahun 2007-2010 is approximately RM2.1 billion. If FGVHB is listed, anggaran pendapatan is approximately RM508 million only. 
  • If you do not understand, please refer to the snapshot below: 
This is merely estimation based on prediction. If you have questions about the figures
und for more research papers, please contact ANAK. I am just channeling their
thoughts to you.
  • Alkisah, FGVHB has been making loss. Hence they are trying to get $$ by being listed in Bursa Malaysia. In order to do that, one of the requirements is to have FELDA mortgage a massive area of land under Fleda Plantations to FGVHB. 
  • But what we are getting from the main stream media is that the settlers will still obtain benefits through Koperasi Permodalan Felda. Source and further reading: News Straits Times 
  • Ok fine, the settlers still dapat. But the amount? And ok fine if you don't mortgage the settlers land aber why on earth do we even bother to help FGVHB?? 
  • Sendiri making loss lepas tu nak cut down hak orang lain to save yourself. 
  • Oh Isa Samad, what have you done? (Pelantikan bekas menteri besar Negeri Sembilan, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad sebagai pengerusi Felda menyebabkan pasaran saham menjadi tidak menentu, kata ketua pegawai eksekutif, Maybank Investment, Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz. - Source and for further reading: Malaysia Kini.)
  • So what should we do now?
  • I asked Syahmi "Do you think they will still get listed?"
  • He said "Yes."
  • Und I have the same feeling too.
  • May Allah s.w.t. guide them to the right path.
We have a friend who lives in Felda.
Do you live in Felda?
What do you reckon?


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