The Nicht Gut Ending


  • Days of no words. I was away for a few days, staying with my father at his humble nest. Such a warm home with no bling bling aber still attracting burglars. 
  • I guess Allah s.w.t. knows best. 
  • When Aunt Lisa saw that the front grille was opened, we knew something terrible had happened while we were out shopping. 
Nak cari apa abang-abang oit. Ku tak punya harta karun yang disorok
celah baju. Ku tak punya emas yang di balut kain silk. Mesti burglar(s) tu heran
kenapa wardrobe ni penuh senduk periuk pinggan mangkuk segala. Haha.
Padan muka. 

Basically my wardrobe is full with our wedding gifts. Since we still have no
home, we keep all gifts neatly at my father's und in laws'. I sampai dah tak
boleh keep track on apa yang jahat tu ambil. Maybe a periuk or 2 from this
magic "Doraemon" wardrobe of mine. And nampak tak drawers kena tarik-tarik tu?
Mesti pakat frust habis. Ye lah, mana ada barang pun. Padan muka lagi.
  • Aunt Lisa's valuable stuffs were taken away. She was the most depressed. But amazingly she managed to overcome her anger by making Dua/Doa und pray. 
  • Bravo Aunt Lisa =)
  • Alhamdulillah we are all fine. We were busy shopping when they broke in. We were still laughing at the gate when my father said, "Eh baju tu macam hantu.", refering to his old baju melayu hanging on a fence. Not knowing that a few seconds later our day ended with :-( und T_T.
  • So now my father has decided to scout for a new home somewhere nearer to his other 2 children. We'll see how it goes. 
  • Kita merancang but if Allah s.w.t. says no, then NO. 

Tommy is a big NO NO for me and The Sale.
Tommy Hilfiger is one of those brands that need to be boycotted
since they support Zionist. For more info click here.
Alhamdulillah none of them got anything from here.
Musibah telah melanda kita,
Jadi ayuh Doa segera,
Agar tersusun bala tentera,
Perangi musuh dengan senjata.
Usah ragu dengan kuasaNya,
Harus terus maju berusaha,
Buang yang keruh busuk dan lama,
Sambut yang baru bersama-sama.
  • Lets together boycott Israel apartheid. 
  • We may not see the reward here aber inshaAllah in the hereafter. 

Siapa nak donate Juaini Johan camera? ;)
Camera ku telah dibawa pergi oleh manusia yang hati dan perutnya disimpan di dalam tong simen kering. 


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