The Sale vs. Robbery

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

A few of the pre order Clarks shoes.
The rest are still in cargo boxes.
InshaAllah I will open for Pre Order again in the second week of February 2012.
Current updates are available on The Sale facebook page. 

  • Setelah segala musibah melanda seperti stock perfumes The Sale ditahan kastam for a few days und the incident at bapak's, Allah has given me the strength to move forward. 
  • Alhamdulillah, October pre order items are finally here!
  • InshaAllah will try to settle all receipts und wrapping all items by tomorrow morning so that the items will be zoom zoom to Poslaju on the same day.
  • To The Sale customers, inshaAllah all of you will receive your parcels by Wednesday next week. 
  • To you readers yang tidak pernah membeli belah di The Sale, sila lah jangan malu dan segan :) 
Some of the wrapped ones ready to be sent to
the post office. InshaAllah yang lain akan siap
by tomorrow. Dear customers, please wait for a few more days
before you get to meet your shoes :D

New items will be uploaded on The Sale by this Sunday! 
(Zara, Clarks, etc.)
Please visit us at:

Allahuma yassir wallatu'asir.


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