Tak Guna You!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

We went to see a football match last night. Selangor vs. Kelantan.
No luck for us T_T (2-1)

  • Have you met someone who literally asks questions just to show that he/she is capable of defying facts or others' opinions?
  • Somehow he/she thinks it is cool to do so und he/she will gain more respects from others.
  • I don't think so.
  • I personally find him/her annoying und not worth arguing with.
I admit, Lama sudah tidak dengar lagu Negaraku! Memang I nyanyi habis =)
But of course, still tidak dengar voice ku yang tak selunak Adele. hehe.

  • A year ago, my facebook news feed was full with friends' daily updates und information about artists. 
  • But now alhamdulillah I could see that a few of my friends have started to post positive quotes und words of God. 
  • Bravo to all of you =) und danke für sharing. 
  • Unfortunately there is always 3 or 4 people who will take the reminder wrongly. 
  • Yang try to twists words pun ya jugak. 
  • I pernah kena. Sekali ended up dia buat personal attack. He said sort of like this : Ayla Johan ni tak guna, pergi belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi tak menyumbang kepada negara. Bukan macam Syahmi.
  • To make things worst, he typed that publicly on facebook. 
  • Sudah lah tu blurted out publicly, ni compare pula dengan my husband. Allahuakbar.
  • How now brown cow?
Penyokong Kelantan lebih ramai berbanding Selangor.
Selangor siap dengan cheer group dia tu.
Kelantan pula gendangnya bunyik bak dikir barat =D

  • He doesn't even have any idea on what Ayla Johan is working on. 
  • I might not literally sit behind desk sorting out government tenders (if that is one of the ways he pictures me contributing to the government), aber I do have contributions which I don't ever feel like stating oder publish them publicly. 
  • Instead of myself, let others who know me tell you.
  • Contributing to the government und Malaysia tidak hanya pada scope kerja jadi engineer di Malaysia lah Encik. You should allow yourself to think beyond boundaries. Have you not learn the technique in your college oder schools? ;-)
  • Kita juga boleh contribute dari segi sifat pembawakan diri, pemikiran, tingkah laku, ideas untuk politics, ideas untuk segala-galanya, pendidikan anak-anak, und many more!
  • So you encik, what are your contributions other than working for the government? Wait-wait, do you literally work for the government?
  • :-)

    Cewah. The Sabahan who was forced to support Kelantan ke Aunt Lisa? hehe
    Oh no wonder lah Abah bought you the scarf (orwhateveritiscalled) =D
    Cayalah. But too bad for us kan, Sel asyik banyak sakit ajo. Nicht gut.

    • Kalau ikutkan hati, nak saman je dia. Tapi my husband advised me to just stop arguing. He said that memang terdapat golongan begini. No matter how hard we try to explain, they will just keep their ears away from listening to the truth. 
    • Since I had the experience first hand, therefore I do empathy those of you yang kena hina.
    • =)
    • So now you have got NO reasons to say that : Ayla Johan ni pandai nasihat je but tak tahu perasaan sebenar. 
    • ;-)
    • The latest bit, someone asked me to define "kaya".
    • Not the kaya you spread on your bread alright. But kaya as in rich und wealthy. 
    • The problem with our society is, we stereotyped those who only have at least RM5mil cash as kaya. 
    • Haiyo amma appa~ T_T
    • Meh I nak share a true story, sort of a documentary I myself saw on t.v.
    Ada satu man somewhere in America if tak silap, dia dulu homeless. Now dia dah ada a very small flat to live in with his family of 5 (if I'm not mistaken). To him, he is rich (of course! from having nothing to a tiny flat and a family is superb!). Now every night dia feed the homeless. Wife and mak dia masak, dia packing and distribute sendiri guna truck dia.

    • Now you tell me, do you find him rich?
    • I bet most of you would say NO.
    • Sanggup tak you buat macam ni bila gaji you dah naik from RM3k to RM20k? 
    • Or you akan still rasa duit tak cukup nak bayar itu ini?
    • Ye la kan, asal naik gaji je nak update barang-barang.
    • From a 2 bedrooms flat to a 4 bedrooms semi detached. From a Golf to a CLS. From a Vincci bag to a Versace. Sampai terlupa benda yang lebih penting.
    • ;-)
    • I tak bermaksud memiliki semua harta di atas adalah salah. I even galakan tetapi jangan sampai kita alpa dengan kemewahan yang bukan hak milik kita pun sebenarnya.
    • Lets not wait to have a million ringgit then only we consider ourselves as rich/wealthy human-sapiens und do charity. 
    • Remember, Allah s.w.t is testing us with $$. 
    Ladies, the lonely goalie on the left is indeed Khairul Fahmi.
    (I wonder why you ladies love him so much) 
    Ini before the game. We were early. 5 minutes before game mula, penuh sudah belakang ku,
    Kalah. Balik makan burger special und grilled lamb.
    Lepas geram. =D

    p/s: I berasa lelaki yang mengata I itu masih berada di takuk yang lama. Allahuakbar. Next time jangan mengata orang ya :)


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