50 cents und 50p

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Sopan lah sungguh Almira Alhassan Alayoubi.
Sitting on her Winnie The Pooh while watching one of her
favorite movies.

  • Nowadays, I can't even get a bun for 50cents. If I were to get something from a humble restaurant, I can only afford to pay for a tiny plate of "sambal nasi ayam".
  • I am not complaining aber I am amazed on how time flies so fast. 
  • Back in 1990, I used to go to a shop across my grandfather's home with my brothers und cousins. With 50cents in hand, I got myself 3 packs of bubblegum. A pack contains 3 bubblegums. Therefore I had 9 which I kept inside my pocket together with the balance 20 cents.
  • =)
  • Oder sometimes I would get myself bubble yang dalam tiub lepas tu tiup guna straw. Do you know that bubble? I tak tahu nama. 
  • The owner of the shop would say this "Anak Johe?" ("Anak Johan?"). I nodded with a smile and left. 
  • With only 50 cents, I am one of the happiest kids in that kampung.
  • =)

  • Back in the year 1997, I went for a school trip to Wales. My mom gave me £5 cash which to me is a lot. Aber after spending £1.50 for a pony ride by the beach, I was left with £3.50.
  • If I'm not mistaken, I bought myself a small Wales purse for £2.00 hence I'm left with £1.50. 
  • We then headed to a funfair which I played a £1.00 game und there was only £0.50 left in my new Wales purse when I started to feel thirsty. 
  • The cheapest drink available was £0.80 at the funfair. Being me, not wanting to borrow money from anyone (up until now I would do anything rather than borrowing $$ from anyone), I tahan sampai balik rumah in Birmingham. 
  • =D  

  • 50 cents und 50p are less powerful nowadays. 
  • Aber I cherish the memories I had with them.
  • What will Almira Alhassan Alayoubi und Amir Albanna think about 50cents?

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