Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Kebanyakan manusia sekarang perihatin adabnya kepada Allah s.w.t. 
  • ABER manusia kurang prihatin terhadap adabnya sesama manusia. 
  • So who is at fault?

  • Some people are so proud that they have the courage und guts to tell others right to their faces in public. 
  • Some people are so proud that they manage to spot mistakes und correcting others in public. 
  • Some people are so proud that they are able to scold others (konon power) in public.
  • Which one is more important, feeling proud oder good manners?

“Ajaklah (wahai Muhammad) mereka ke arah jalan Tuhanmu dengan hikmah dan nasihat yang elok dan berdebatlah dengan mereka dengan cara yang paling baik…..” (Surah An-Nahl: 125)

  • The problem with our society is, people don't really know what it means by "Tegur dengan cara paling baik." 
  • Teguran yang baik adalah dilakukan dengan lemah lembut (bukan sotong) dan juga dengan penuh bijaksana. Teguran hendaklah dibuat secara private dan bukan membuat orang ditegur itu merasa embarrass. Tegur dengan cara yang humble dan bukan ingin menunjukan si tegur itu berkuasa.   
  • Bukan dengan membuat comment seperti, "Psycho!", "Bodoh, sendiri pakai tudung labuh tapi bla bla bla" ataupun "Pergilah kau sendiri masjid tu. Konon nak tunjuk baik padahal sendiri makan babi." 
  • Tidak cukup dengan itu, pergi pula hebahkan ayat-ayat diatas kepada rakan-rakan taulan lain dan mereka juga turut mengiakan kata-kata tidak beradab itu. 
  • Allah, yaRabb. 
"Aku memperlajari adab selama tiga puluh tahun dan aku mempelajari ilmu selama dua puluh tahun. Dan adalah mereka (ulama') mempelajari adab kemudian mempelajari ilmu" [Mansuah al Adab al Islamiah : 15]
Almira Alhassan Alayoubi when she was only 1 year und 2 months old.
She's turning 3 soon!

  • Jika kita tidak tahu adab-adab yang baik, kita perlu belajar. Sama seperti bila kita tidak reti nak bake cheese cake. We will google for the recipe und learn from youtube oder someone else who knows how to bake right?
  • If we do not know how to settle bills online, we would ask someone else who knows right? 
  • Therefore we should do the same when it comes to adab. If we are too shy to ask, just observe those with good manners und try to understand why do they behave so well. Once we understand, it is easier for us to change. inshaAllah. 
  • There are times when I am not good at controlling my words. Aber now I know what to do before I write or say something that might hurt others' feelings. I would consult my husband =)
  • He always reminds me not to exchange arguments with those who literally block his/her head from accepting opinions und words of others. 
  • It makes sense.
  • But what will happen if I cannot get to my husband? 
  • That is why I myself need to learn adab too!
I was too ill to visit Wadi Arbaein hence the ustaz captured this for me.
Syahmi had to stay with me in our room near Bukit Thursina.
The rooms do not have secured locks. With the thoughts of how strong the Egyptians are,
I am so glad that my husband did not hesitate to stay with me. 

  • Satu lagi masalah kita ialah, kita selalu fikir kita punya banyak waktu sebelum mati untuk bertaubat. "Alah lambat lagi mati, nanti esok-esok I taubat lah..minta ampun atas semua dosa I. I know I know."
  • Are you sure? You know?
  • Do you have any friends oder relatives who died at a young age? Especially who died due to accidents/road collision. Do you think he/she knows that he/she would end up like that? 
  • How sure are you that you won't be facing a sudden death? (Sudden death : an instant unexpected death)
  • Just think about this, you cakap something yang menyakitkan hati orang lepas tu you mati tak minta maaf. Lepas tu orang yang sakit hati tu tak maafkan you. Lepas tu what ever happens di akhirat,  you jangan terkejut ya =)

Allah s.w.t sahaja dapat membalas perbuatan baik you.
I have nothing to give.
danke und ich liebe dich. 

Friday night fever? 


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