Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Aunt Lisa got me this. Sedap rupanya cookie ni. Hahaha. 

  • Honestly, I love to live in England because the British ladies would pay thousands of £ to have skins like mine. Tan tan gitu ;)
  • But most Malaysians would like to be "white". 
  • Ada yang avoid eating meat to stay white (I'm not sure whether this does work or not), some always drink Soy Bean milk und some might even soak themselves in Fair n Lovely!
  • Simply hilarious =D
  • But one fact that I have discovered is, living in UK does make one fairer ;-) This is due to the weather etc. I'm sure it is scientifically proven. haha.
Our humble dinner :)

  • I notice that most Malaysian ladies love to wear thick make-up. Some of them admit that with make-up, they are more confident to face the world. 
  • :-)
  • I have no comments to those who wear make-up. Aber I would like to suggest that you guys tone down a bit and use less make-up. 
  • I always believe that all "face paints" have non-beneficial chemical added to them. 
  • Paling-paling pun tambah zits on our faces. From vegan und mineral to animal based make-up. 
  • Alright?
  • =)
  • Have a great weekend y'all!


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