Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

We like Kelapa Jelly.
Aha! Now you know what to get both of us for our Birthday.
This was taken in Kota Bharu. RM1 for a big cup! Not like in Selangor,
RM1 for a small dadih cup with little coconut flesh :(

Almira asked me to speak to her on the phone yesterday.
Almira: Halloo
Ayla: Hello.
Almira: Aunty Ayla buat apa tuu?
Ayla: Makannn.
Almira: Makan apaa?
Ayla: Makan meee.
Almira: Mee apaa?
Ayla: Mee supp. (padahal instant noodle.haha)
Almira: Sup apaa?
Ayla: Sup ayamm.
Almira: Tok mama manaa?
Ayla: Tok mama workk.
Almira: Work kat manaa?
Ayla: Dekat Kajangg.
Almira: Jauh kee?
Ayla: Jauhh.
Almira: Aunty tak work kee?
Ayla: Aunty work pagii.
Then she continued interrogating me about her Uncle Syahmi. Same questions like she asked about her Tok Mama =) 

  • The reason why there are two letters at every end of a sentence is just to give you a rough picture on how Almira always highlight her questions. 
  • I didn't ask her anything just to avoid her from stop asking. Aber I love to answer all of her questions ;-)
She managed to pose with her "peace". The funny Almira.
ich liebe dich. 

  • Some of us find comfort in $$. Yeah?
  • Initially we find that our work is so stressful aber when it comes to the end of the month, we suddenly turn into the most jovial people on earth. 
  • It looks like $ kills all of our sorrow. 
  • Und when the middle of the next month arrives, we start to make negative comments again about our work, about our bosses, about our colleague, und etc.

  • Some of us find comfort in food. No?
  • When we are in the midst of confusion oder problem, we would drive to the nearest Secret Recipe to get a slice of lemon meringue pie.
  • We would eat und eat until our dining table can no longer be seen. 
  • Aber the minute we stop eating, we are down again due to the unsolved problem. 

  • Some of us find comfort in entertainment. Yeah?
  • We would hangout with "friends" in any expensive hype bars oder clubs. 
  • Updating facebook status with "Chillin out at **** with my girls. F**k you!". 
  • Tak pasal-pasal pulak guna foul language. 
  • :-|
Amir Albanna with his Uncle Syahmi. Just woke up from his afternoon nap.
Then bising lapar. =D

  • The story goes on. 
  • I admit that sometimes I do find comfort in food. 
  • Haha =D
  • Aber most of the time, listening to Almira Alhassan Alayoubi und Amir Albanna makes me superbly alright. 
  • (Oh Amir now fights with her sister for the phone!)
  • Und du?

I reckon that budak-budak perempuan Melayu kita yang guna bahasa 
kasar patut di marahi oleh ahli keluarga. 
Perasan tak ramai remaja yang kalau dia bersama "gang" dia, 
masing-masing akan cakap kuat and guna tone tinggi. 
Not forgetting perkataan-perkataan yang jijik. 
But bila bersama "kekasih", automatically transform jadi kucing. 
How now brown cow?
If not 2013, then 2014. inshaAllah.


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