Different Is Alright

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I know that I promised to post a second entry yesterday aber I didn't, apologies for that. I was too busy thinking und thinking und thinking. 
  • I continued thinking until 2a.m. when my husband was already 2 hours camped on the moon ;) 
  • With the gadget he und the rest of my family got me for my last birthday, I comfortably read the late Mas Afzal's blog in/on bed next to my sleeping husband. 
  • Mas Afzal wrote (literally typed) beautifully und excelled in conveying messages about Allah s.w.t., Islam und life to others. Und now that he is no longer here, his mother continues writing (literally typing) about him und his other siblings. 
  • SubhanAllah. 
  • Losing a child must be quite hard for a mother aber I believe that redha kills sorrow. 
  • I never met Mas Afzal aber I heard of him from my husband (his friend told him I guess). Syahmi has many friends through out UK up until now. 
  • When we first heard of Mas Afzal illness, we were still studying in Southampton. Mas Afzal was receiving treatment in Sheffield as he had spent years doing his med. degree there. Went through chemo without his mom (his mom couldn't extend her visit due to work commitment) by his side, is something that I can't imagine I'll survive. 
  • Aber I'm very sure that the one thing his mother wished to do at that time was to be with him 24/7.
  • I do not wish to write more about this as this will get me all teary. Aber I do wish that you lot could spend some time to read his blog
  • Und after reading it, I would like you to put yourself in his shoes. Once you've done that, put yourself in his mother's shoes. 
  • Then only you'll get the message that I'm trying to share. May Allah makes things easy for all of you. 
He literally slept on my handbag. Aber I do not mind since I love him more
than all of my handbags. All? Haha. I only have 2 handbags. Yes, this
tauke handbags only has 2 handbags in her own collection =)
I'm not the type who loves to change bags. I will only purchase a new one
if my current handbag is faulty or I have it "lelong" to others or I really need
to have a different shape und color. Ngehehe. 

  • At 1a.m. Syahmi was already an hour plus plus asleep when I went to him and said, "Babe I love you." With his eyes still tightly shut he then carved me a smile und hummed the song 'I Love You Like A Love Song' by Selena Gomez. Crazy aber funny!
  • My husband is so weird that he doesn't mind having me in his arms when I'm all sweaty.
  • Aber I can't stand my husband when he is sweaty! I would cautiously said these to him:
  1. Aa babe don't sit on the bed!
  2. Aa babe go and mandi first!
  3. Aa babe do not touch me!
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaa! (lari)
  • Of course, my cheeky husband pasti nak sakat lebih everytime isteri dia takut kena peluh dia. 
  • Another weird thing about my husband is, sometimes he eats like an ant aber sometimes he eats like a dinosaur. 
  • I don't even know why. Due to unstable hormone I guess =)
  • haha. 
  • We are different in some ways aber it is alright.
  • It is alright.
  • ich liebe dich.
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Jazakumullah Khayr. 


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