Happy Birthday Mama

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Happy 53rd Birthday Mama. May Allah showers you with His blessings on the years that have passed in your life and may He grant you happiness with the years yet to come.
Before we went to purchase this cake at Secret Recipe in Bandar Sri Putra, Syahmi asked me, "Babe, what type of service can we provide here in Sri Putra?" I then replied, "English Education =D". He said, "Yes!". Without knowing that the Secret Recipe "girls" do not know how to spell the word "Birthday" even though I had written the full text on a piece of paper they provided me! Sorry ma. Definitely not my fault for the wrong spelling =)

  • It has been a while since we last had a family gathering. The last one was before Azeem left home. Since almost everyone was around, I figured out it would be more fun to celebrate mama's birthday too. Therefore no celebration will be held tomorrow ya mama. (warn awal-awal takut ma expect. hehe.)
  • While we had our BBQ dinner, bapak insisted to have Azeem "around". So how? Skype!
Almira und Amir were too excited to get to speak to their uncle through Skype. Almira went, "Hello! Hello! Hello! " together with her big smiles =D Amir wanted to jump into the tab und touch Azeem's face. Hilarious! 
Amir buat pouted lips, trying to communicate with Azeem.
He jumped hopped jumped hopped on his Tok Mama. 
  • The dinner ended at 11pm when Tok Mama und Aunt Aishah had to leave for Ooobang. Almira was all sweaty and kept on telling me, "Iya poluh kan."
  • Almira now knows how to spell! Fantastich Almira. She knows how to spell "Ball, Mama, Abah and a few other words which I can't remember." She even performed 2 rakaat of Maghrib prayer next to me! Wunderbar Almira! Wunderbar. 
  • I purposely recited "Allhuakabar" und surah Al-Fatihah a bit loud so that she could hear me aber then I heard Almira reciting this instead, "Abushhee...hashheeabeu". Hahahahaha. Mantera apa tu ?? Maybe she's trying to imitate the "blurry sound" that came out from my mouth. Simply funny. 
  • Alright then, I leave you lot with more photos. Have a great week at work y'all! =)
Ni lah Si Poluh tu. Mula-mula geli nak pijak tiles aber then when dia malas nak buka tutup her sandal,
she decided to berkaki ayam. 

Chefs TooKang Masak =) Mr. Josey und Mr. Syahmi.
Who says engineers can't cook? =)
Thank you to the both of you for BBQing.

Nenek teaching Almira Alhassan Alayoubi on how to operate tab?
Almira pandai tau, mula-mula dia datang dekat I sebab nak tengok smart phone,
aber when she saw Nenek keluarkan tab, terus dia lari pergi dekat nenek.
Takpe Almira, esok-esok Aunty Ayla bawa desktop atas riba, lagi besar you. =)

Melayu tulen und keturunan Bugis. Jahat yang kanan ni.
Hehehe =)

Almira with the birthday lady und Aunt Aishah =) Amboi macam Queen you Tok Mama suap.
Awal-awal Aunt Ayla dah suap dia mashed potato und fish.
Very good. You have big appetite. =)

Macam biasalah si twins ni. =)
Amir Albanna und Tok Abah.

Dah dah tak payah nak malu malu lah Almira Alhassan Alayoubi.
Belakang tabir macam-macam. Sekejap jadi Tarzan, kejap jadi Ronaldinho,
kejap jadi bird etc. Tak ada satu pun dia jadi princess.
 Ni nak malu-malu angkat baju jadi Britney Spears pula ke? =D 

Kan I dah cakap, yang paling belakang tu memang naughty =D
Azeem, that is Classic Cheese Cake. Do you have that in you refrigerator?

  • Once again, Happy Birthday Mama. 
  • Semoga Allah memberi mama kekuatan untuk menjadi makin kurang merajuk ya :) hehe.
  • Mama, thank you for all of your prayers und Dua' sampai Ayla berjaya sekarang. JazakAllah Khayr.  
  • We love you. 


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