It Is Crucial For A Husband To Understand

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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  • Alhamdulillah I've been married for almost 2 years und 7 months. And yes, I went through a period when people came to me and asked, "Pandai masak ke? Perempuan kena pandai masak supaya dapat menambat hati suami."
  • I don't remember who said that to me. I personally think that it is wrong und it is not the wives job to be their husbands' cook!
  • And have you heard this, "Setinggi mana pun wanita belajar, akhirnya sampai ke dapur juga." Oh Allah. Please do not let people say this to my face. 
  • The problem with Malaysians is, we tend to agree to such statements without giving any thoughts on them. 
  • I personally find those statements as disrespectful remarks. 
After weeks of not cooking, I felt like preparing something for
Syahmi, Uncle Wan and I. Tadaa!
Capati with minced meat masala und chicken wings =)

  • This is what a gentleman should understand.
  • Before you decide to become someone's husband, you should know your responsibilities. Understand und practice Islam, inshaAllah you'll do good. 
  • Marriage is not about having someone to take care of your laundry, prepare breakfast at early hours etc. If you really want to know the truth, a husband should be the one doing all these things for his wife. 
  • Aber this is not happening in our society instead muslim women are expected to care for their kids, care for their home und care for their husbands. So what do the husbands do? Go to work, come back home und relax. Richtig? 
  • So when do the wives relax?
Some of you might wonder how I am with Syahmi.
Am I the rebellious wife oder Syahmi has no control over me?
The answer is NO. We are not like that.
The key points are to respect und do things for Allah und Islam.
We try to complete each other :)

  • It is crucial that you know what to do.
  • If a husband can't afford to hire a helper und can't manage everything by himself, then discuss in a polite manner with the wife. 
  • DON'T EVER force the wife to do this and that. Eg: "You handle laundry, cuci rumah, masak, gosok baju tapi biar I cuci kereta."
  • What a silly husband. Apa cuci kereta setiap hari ke? 
  • Cakap lah macam ni instead, "Sayang, boleh tak you help me with our laundry when I'm at work? Masak dinner pula kita buat together bila I balik kerja ok?"
  • Spot the difference? Hati isteri mana yang akan say "No" bila suami dia bertutur cara yang sopan?
  • Ini yang ramai lelaki tak faham hence tak praktik. Und wives mula imagine suami dia ialah Brad Pitt or Christian Bale in movies yang romantic-romantic. 
"Apabila seorang suami memanggil isterinya untuk memenuhi keperluannya, maka hendaklah dia datangi sekalipun dia sedang berada di dapur (tungku api pembuat roti.)" - Hadith Riwayat At-Tirmidzi dan An-Nasa'i
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  • Malaysians ni suka blame women. 
  • Tak beranak, salah perempuan. 
  • Makan luar, salah perempuan tak masak. 
  • Suami kahwin lain, salah perempuan sebab tak jaga suami. 
  • These are shallow comments made by Malaysians. 
  • Dear readers, please please please lets together educate our offsprings/children to understand Islam as a whole. Do not let them be the cliche close minded Malaysians. 
  • If we think that by following sunnah does no good for us, it means that we haven't understand what Islam really means. 
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It's Friday und Syahmi is unwell. 


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