It's Raining

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • No updates for the past 3 days. Yes. We were out for wedding receptions und solemnization ceremony, 3 days in a row. Alhamdulillah everything went well. 
Eksyen dia nih. =D

  • Last night, when I got the chance to check messages on facebook, I stumbled upon posts about being grateful und luxurious lifestyle. I know that some of you with $$ are so generous und I respect you for that. Bravo!
  • Allah s.w.t. loves those who are humble und generous. 
  • Aber the ones who just got to taste $$, are more likely to save ALL of their $$ for handbags, shoes und sport rims. 
  • This usually happens when we don't actually know our priority und the purpose of life. 
  • Again, I would like to stress that it is NOT WRONG for us to be spending thousands of Ringgit on a piece of Chanel blazer. ABER we must not forget to help those in need und be thankful for the $$ Allah has lent to us. 
  • Yesss, the $$ in our purses und pockets are not actually ours. 
  • Lets together bear that in mind. 
Fruit tart. The custard is soft und fruits penuh on top. I like.
A friend of ours made this herself. After attending a fruit tart class,
she is now the master of fruit tarts. Haha. Thanks kak Naniey.
Ingat order Ju ya. =D

  • I had a long chat with Syahmi, expressing how I would love to provide job opportunities for the less fortunate. 
  • For example, hire a full time gardener. Aber my mom's home has a tiny front yard. Hence a gardener might be bored to be in the garden for more than an hour! =D
  • And with our current cash flow, we still cannot afford to hire someone permanently. 
  • We are so fortunate that a regular Bangladeshi guy always come and check on our garden every fortnight. If he sees that our garden needs to be "touched up", he would ring the door bell and says, "Rumput sudah panjang. Potong. =)"
  • Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for sending someone who is able to help us. We do not have to crack our heads to look for a permanent gardener for the past 6 years!
  • With a fee of RM10-RM12, there is no hesitation. Such a small fee aber the Bangladeshi guy still potong potong potong und bersihkan pots und drain segala. 
Ayla: RM10 ok?
Gardener: Abang selalu kasi RM12.
Ayla: (oh fine but I tak ada RM2 in my pocket) Err..If Abang RM12 tapi saya RM10 ok?
Gardener: Ok lah ;)

  • After this confirm naik your gaji wahai Encik Gardener! inshaAllah kalau I ingat. =D 
Green! Someone has green hands. The newly weds on the left, listening to
Muhammad reciting Dua'.
  • It's raining here in Ooobang. Anyone wants to set fire to the rain?
  • Haha. 

Have a great Monday everyone!


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