Oh My Dearest Ayu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I am very tired und lack of sleep at the moment aber, I really cannot shut my eyes if this entry is still in saving mode.
I was looking for something in one of my magic boxes when I stumbled upon a letter written by Ayu to me . . .

Yes, back in the year 97, we still used this blue aerogramme.

  • I used to have a gorgeous best friend whom I called Ayu. We met in the year 1997 und we instantly became best friends. Even though we were never in same classes during year 6 und year 7, we were still "kamcing". We had sleepovers und our own mini concerts almost on every weekend. The best thing about her, she still loved me even when I was at my worst. She never once said, "Kati" or "No friend" like others (the Birmingham kids) do when we had a fight. Instead, she would came round to my house, about a block away from hers to check on me. 
  • She taught me how to sing und dance. She brought a video of Siti Nurhaliza when she first performed in Juara Lagu. She came to England weeks/months after I arrived, hence the availability of the video. Even though we didn't share same interest, we were like sisters! She loved playing dressing up aber I wasn't. She was petite aber I was huge. She was all neat aber I couldn't be bothered to comb my hair! Well, that was back in 97 :)
  • I remember that she met with an accident sometime during one weekend. She was on her way back home from an outing with her parents' friends. I was invited aber my mom did not allow me to follow. So I stayed home und waited every single minute for her call. Aber instead of receiving a call from her, my mom told me that she was involved in a road collision und she needed rest that evening. I went to visit her the day after on my way to school. She came to her front door und immediately showed me her tongue. Luka luka muka und lidah. Before I passed out, I bid her farewell und continue walking to school =D
  • Days before I left England for Malaysia, we did some revision on Bahasa Melayu together. We sat in her guest room und studied whole heartedly. She helped me with spellings. Especially words that end with "-kan". For example: menaikan/menaikkan, menunjukkan/menunjukan etc. A night before I left, she came into my room und hugged me tight. I could see that she restrained herself from crying. She repeatedly said, "Jangan lupakan Ayu. Do not forget me." Well my dear, you are still in my mind und heart. Other than the memories I had with you, I even have a set of your baju kurung that your mom gave me when I came to visit your pusara. 
  • =)
  • Yeah, she is no longer here with us. Ayu passed away in the year 2002 (if I'm not mistaken). She was only about 16 year-old. Indeed, Allah s.w.t. loves her more. 
  • Ayu, I went back to both our schools, und homes back in the year 2010! Everything seems smaller than before =) I even had dinner in one of the restaurants in Alumn Rock! I remember the day both of us went out shopping for school uniforms with your mom :) 
  • I pray to Allah s.w.t. so that we will meet again in Jannah. 
  • I love you with all my heart. 
A letter written by an 11 year-old kid =) Complete with Salam lagi tu.
Selina, Vicky und Anna were our British friends in High School.
I was closed to Anna. anna would walked extra meters to my house first then only
we went to Ayu's place together. Aber according to Ayu, Anna seldom came to her house after I left.
Katanya Anna tak suka budak-budak while Ayu sangat sayang small kids.
I remember Vicky was the most posh one among us. =)
After year 6 ended, we went to Park View School. I was the only Malaysian in
the 7X1 class (class ni kononnya sama macam class paling bagus kat sekolah Malaysia lah. hehe).
The other Malaysian girl und Ayu were in 7Y2. Ayu had missed a few lessons in Year 6 since she
arrived England later than me. Hence that might had affected her Year 6 examination. So in the letter,
she mentioned that she got to enter the 7X1 class in the second term!
Bravo! If Ayla tak balik Malaysia, pasti kita dapat sama class kan :)
I miss you. Moga Allah senantiasa melindungi Ayu dan
Ayu ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. 


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